Project X 1.0.1

Hold off for at least one maintenance upgrade, but then give Project X 1.0.1 serious consideration if you need a sophisticated Mac-based project-planning and -tracking tool for complex small-business projects.

SOHO Organizer 5.5.2

SOHO Organizer overcomes spotty documentation and a clumsy calendar interface, providing useful shared calendars and contacts, contact-management features that elegantly extend Address Book’s capabilities, and versatile linking of project-related files and notes.

MacJournal 4

Enhanced control over the appearance and behavior of journals and entries, as well as tools for creating tables and publishing podcasts, make MacJournal 4 a worthy upgrade, but with spotty implementation of these new features—and some major bugs in the 4.0 version—you might want to hold out for version 4.1.

The Print Shop for Mac 2.0

The Print Shop for Mac 2.0 is a great program for anyone who wants to create fun print projects for home, school, or small business. New layout controls and enhanced image effects make this version a worthy upgrade.