Apple sued over screen rendering technology in iPhone

Apple is being sued for infringing on patents owned by Picsel Technologies. The patent speeds up screen drawing on images and Web pages on a mobile device.

Psystar files amended complaint against Apple

Psystar filed its amended complaint charging Apple with copyright misuse that forbids users from installing the Mac OS on non-Apple computers.

Shenandoah University chooses eco-friendly MacBook

Virginia's Shenandoah University chose the MacBook and iPod touch for its new learning program because of Apple's commitment to the environment.

iShred turns your iPhone into a guitar

iShred, a new application from Frontier Design, gives you control over many aspects of your guitar sound including amps and effects.

Nova Media releases 3G hardware development kit

Nova Media released a hardware development kit allowing users to simulate 3G hardware and software solutions.

Logic, GarageBand users represent at the Grammys

Apple users made a good showing at the Grammy awards on Monday night. GarageBand and Logic artists won quite a few awards too.

DrumCore 3 sampling software coming soon

A new version of DrumCore will be available in a few months with more drummer content and plug-in versions.

iZotope ships Ozone 4 audio mastering suite

iZotope on Wednesday shipping its audio mastering software, Ozone 4.

App Store tally: 20,000 apps in seven months

Apple isn’t commenting officially, but iPhone app activity aggregator apptism said the 20,000th iPhone app arrived in the App Store sometime Tuesday.

Bandmateloops release four LoopCache collections

Music loop company, Bandmateloops, released four new collections of loops for Mac using musicians.

Audio Hijack Pro update fixes crashes

Rogue Amoeba released an update for Audio Hijack Pro making some interface tweaks and fixing a bug that caused the application to crash.

Miking drums, amps, and recording to the Mac

Miking drums and amps to get the best recording signal to your Mac is a tedious but rewarding process.

DesignProVideo releases Flash, Illustrator tutorials

DesignProVideo released new video tutorials for creative professionals. Flash and Illustrator tutorials are available for download.

German company sells Mac clones in Europe

A German company joined the ranks of those selling Mac clones. PearC feels they are on the right side of the law, too.

Attention, iPhoto ’09: I am not Steve Jobs

Faces is one of the marquee features introduced in the new iPhoto ’09 update. It’s also apparently decided that Jim Dalrymple is Apple’s co-founder and CEO.