NAMM: Future Sonics releases new Atrio earphone models

Future Sonics has released new versions of its Atrio earphones in beige and red.

NAMM: Toontrack releases Drumtracker audio to MIDI converter

Toontrack has released Drumtracker, an audio to MIDI converter that converts drum tracks to MIDI files.

NAMM: Digitech releases four new RP guitar pedals

Digitech has announced four new guitar pedals for use with acoustic and electric guitars at this week's NAMM show in Anaheim, Calif.

NAMM: McDSP intros new Channel audio plug-ins

McDSP has introduced two new plug-ins -- the Channel G Surround and Channel G Compact -- at this week's NAMM show in Anaheim, Calif.

NAMM: Melodyne editor gets direct note access

Melodyne, Celemony's pitch correction tool, will get direct note access with a new upgrade coming this Spring.

NAMM: IK releases Wah pedal audio interface

IK Multimedia has introduced a Wah-like pedal that has a USB input.

NAMM: PreSonus releases digital mixer, recording software

PreSonus has released the StudioLive, a new digital mixer and software application for musicians.

NAMM: Toontrack releases Jazz drum expansion pack

Toontrack released a new expansion pack for its EZdrummer drum sampler.

NAMM: URS releases Saturation Plug-in 2.5

Unique Recording Software released a new mastering plug-in designed to add warmth to your music.

NAMM: Ex-Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick tunes up his Mac for new CD

Bruce Kulick has had a long career and as he prepares to record his new album, he is polishing up his guitars and his Macs.

NAMM: DigiTech ships the RP1000 guitar pedalboard

DigiTech shipped a new high-end guitar pedalboard with USB allowing you to connect to the Mac.

NAMM: AmpliTube Fender guitar software coming in Feb.

IK Multimedia announced a new version of its AmpliTube product done in partnership with Fender guitars.

Apple on iPhoto ’09 changes

Why did Apple focus on face-recognition and geotagging features in its iPhoto ’09 update? Jim Dalrymple gets the scoop from Apple’s Rob Schoeben.

NAMM: Native Instruments updates Guitar Rig 3

Native Instruments released an update for Guitar Rig 3 adding a mono plug-in and fixing several issues with the application.

Town Hall gives clues to future directions for Macworld Expo

In front of a standing room-only crowd Wednesday night, Expo organizers, exhibitors, and attendees discussed ideas about the future of the annual Mac trade show now that Apple has said it won’t attend future events.