Apple leads, Dell lags in customer satisfaction

Apple blew away the competition in the latest consumer survey conducted by Forrester Research.

Drive Genius gets maintenance update

Disk utility, Drive Genius, has been updated fixing several bugs.

Microsoft ads continue to defy logic

Apple finally responds to Microsoft's latest ad campaign—but does Apple even need to bother?

Apple: A PC is no bargain when it doesn’t do what you want

Apple doesn't respond to things in the industry very often, but the company is speaking out on Microsoft's new ad campaign.

Media 100 Suite unveiled

Media 100 unveiled the next generation version of its postproduction software, Media 100 Suite. The suite comes with many new features including Multicam Editing and Voice Over.

Apple market share rises slightly as PC shipments fall

Apple's PC market share rose slightly, as overall PC shipments fell 7.1 percent in the first quarter of 2009.

SpiderOak Sync delivers cross-platform syncing

SpiderOak is offering a new service that allows users to sync data across Macs, PCs and Linux machines.

Vocal effects come to the iPhone with StompVox

StompVox allows you to put effects on vocals like Reverb, Echo to change the way your voice sounds.

LaCie intros the Rugged XL 1TB hard disk

LaCie released a new version of its Rugged line of hard drives. The XL version doubles the capacity to 1TB.

Spinal Tap makes new album with Logic

Spinal Tap is coming out with a new album this June that was all made on a Mac with Logic 8.

Microsoft updates Office 2004 and 2008

Microsoft updated Office 2004 and 2008 fixing a security issue with the applications.

Microsoft releases Office for Mac 2008 trial version

Microsoft released a trial version of Office for Mac 2008 that runs for 30 days.

'America at Home' comes to the iPhone

An iPhone application has been made, exactly matching the America at Home book by Rick Smolan.

iPhone finds a home in the enterprise market

The iPhone is gaining momentum in the enterprise market, according to a new research report from Forrester.

Virginia to use iTunes U in new education initiative

The state of Virginia has implemented new education initiatives that include iTunes U and a call to developers to create iPhone apps.