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Ballmer: Windows Phone 7 not successful yet

Speaking at the 2011 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer conceded that his company's smartphone OS hasn't made a dent in the market.

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W3C chastises Apple on HTML5 patenting

The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) is seeking to invalidate a pair of Apple patents so the underlying technologies can be used as part of a royalty-free HTML5 stack.

Oracle virtual desktops opened to iPad access

Oracle introduced an iPad app that will allow users to access their Oracle virtual desktops.

Google: Mobile map search surging past desktop use

Google is experiencing a shift towards more mobile use, an executive says.

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DOJ ruling against Microsoft impacted browsers little

The browser market is far more vigorous today than in 1998, but probably not because of government intervention involving Microsoft.

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U.S. launches wireless public safety network

The major U.S. telecommunications carriers join the U.S. government in creating a public safety network

Couchbase offers NoSQL for iPhone

Couchbase has released a beta version of the CouchDB for the iPhone.

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Firefox 4.0 makes early appearance

While Firefox 4.0 won't officially be released until Tuesday, it is already on Mozilla public FTP servers

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla releases Firefox 4.0 release candidate

The new Firefox browser will feature a radically redesigned interface as well as new privacy controls.

Music execs stressed over free streaming

Free music streaming services have replaced piracy as the chief concern for the ever-struggling music industry