Encyclopedia Software

If you grew up before the Internet era, there’s a good chance that you or someone you knew owned a set of encyclopedias, complete with full-color illustrations and transparent overlays showing the human digestive system. Nowadays, the Web is the ultimate repository of information.

Cosmic Blobs 1.1

If you have the Mac horsepower and kids who want to begin exploring 3-D modeling or just play with virtual clay, Cosmic Blobs provides an enjoyable introduction without having to get bogged down in the complexities of wireframes and polygons.

Web browsers for kids

Two browsers made especially for kids, KidsBrowser 3.2 and BumperCar 2.0, make the Web more fun (for kids) and safe (for parents).

BumperCar 1.0

BumperCar, a browser designed for kids, doesn’t offers sophisticated but easy-to-use filters that block unwanted content without being overly restrictive. But beyond a few introductory pages, it doesn’t provide many advantages for kids.