Joe KissellSenior Contributor, Macworld

Joe Kissell is a senior editor of TidBits and the author of numerous ebooks in the Take Control series, including the just-published Take Control of Apple Mail.

Top password tips

If you want to protect private information, you need long, strong, and unique passwords. That means not using the same password for every one of your accounts, but we all know that's easier said than done. In this three-part series, Joe Kissell shows you how to create, manage, and remember good passwords.

Manage your passwords

Once you've committed to using strong passwords for every account you have, you have to figure out some way to remember all of them. Password managers provide the easiest—and most secure—answer.

Create stronger passwords

Passwords protect your credit card, bank account, and personal data. But how many of us rely on the same one (involving a pet's name to boot) for every account we have? Here's how to create long, strong passwords that you'll be able to remember.

Empty your Inbox

Three easy steps to taming e-mail clutter once and for all

Keep working when you’re not online

Sometimes you don’t have an Internet connection. But you can still check e-mail and browse the Web. Joe Kissell explains how.

Streamline e-mail with Gmail

If you have several e-mail accounts, you can make your life simpler by routing them all through Google’s Gmail. Joe Kissell shows you how.

Categorize e-mail for better searching

You can find e-mail messages more easily if you categorize them first. Here’s how.

Find e-mail easily with flags

You can find messages in Mail and Entourage more efficiently if you flag them. Joe Kissell explains.

Search the Web without a browser

If you usually find yourself needing information from the Web when you’re in your e-mail client or your word processor, you might prefer to use a search tool you can access without opening a browser first. Here’s how.

Go beyond Google searches

Run-of-the-mill Google searches usually turn up useful results, but sometimes you need to look beyond the ubiquitous search engine to find what you need. Here's how to search smarter using other search engines and tools.

Search Smarter

Tips for faster, easier, and more-effective Web searches

Improve your Google searches

Run-of-the-mill Google searches usually turn up useful results, but you can supercharge your searching—saving time and getting more-relevant matches—with these tips.

Alternatives to MobileMe

Apple's MobileMe service is a fine way to sync your calendars and contacts, to publish Web sites, and to share photos—as long as you don't mind the $99 annual fee. If you'd rather not pay the fee, you do have other options. Joe Kissell explains what they are.

Working with MobileMe and iLife

An important aspect of MobileMe is the way Apple’s online service integrates with its iLife suite of digital lifestyle applications. iWeb, iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand become extra powerful when used in conjunction with a MobileMe subscription. In this excerpt from Take Control of MobileMe, Joe Kissell shows you some of the things you can do with iLife and MobileMe.

Keep on track with digital reminders

Who needs a personal assistant? Use your Mac and a new breed of online services to remind yourself about deadlines and appointments.