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Joe Kissell is a senior editor of TidBits and the author of numerous ebooks in the Take Control series.

Go beyond Google searches

Run-of-the-mill Google searches usually turn up useful results, but sometimes you need to look beyond the ubiquitous search engine to find what you need. Here's how to search smarter using other search engines and tools.

Search Smarter

Tips for faster, easier, and more-effective Web searches

Improve your Google searches

Run-of-the-mill Google searches usually turn up useful results, but you can supercharge your searching—saving time and getting more-relevant matches—with these tips.

Alternatives to MobileMe

Apple's MobileMe service is a fine way to sync your calendars and contacts, to publish Web sites, and to share photos—as long as you don't mind the $99 annual fee. If you'd rather not pay the fee, you do have other options. Joe Kissell explains what they are.

Working with MobileMe and iLife

An important aspect of MobileMe is the way Apple’s online service integrates with its iLife suite of digital lifestyle applications. iWeb, iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand become extra powerful when used in conjunction with a MobileMe subscription. In this excerpt from Take Control of MobileMe, Joe Kissell shows you some of the things you can do with iLife and MobileMe.

Keep on track with digital reminders

Who needs a personal assistant? Use your Mac and a new breed of online services to remind yourself about deadlines and appointments.

Update: The paperless office

Last year, Joe Kissell showed you how to eliminate almost all your office paper, using a scanner and some AppleScripts. Now he's updated those scripts so they're compatible with the latest versions of Adobe Acrobat.

Mac Security: Privacy

From having your laptop stolen to being snooped on a wireless network, there are all sorts of ways your private data can be compromised. Joe Kissell explains what you can do about it.

Review: Spanning Sync 1.2.1

Spanning Sync’s eponymous utility is designed to perform just one task easily and efficiently: syncing event information between iCal on your Mac and the free Google Calendar service. Although it does the job adequately, it fails to sync some important data—and if you use it to keep multiple users’ calendars in sync, even more complications arise.

Review: BusySync 2.1.6

If you want family members or colleagues to see and edit your iCal calendars, BusyMac’s BusySync 2.1.6 may be just the tool you need. It syncs calendars among Macs (with the same or different users), among user accounts on a given Mac, and between your Mac and Google Calendar—in any combination.

Five tips for better browsing

Joe Kissell explains how to be a smarter Web browser: keep track of multiple tabs, navigate your bookmarks, and deal with pages that just won’t load.

Review: IPNetSentryX 1.6.5

Even if you’re an experienced and fearless network administrator, IPNetSentryX’s complexities may give you pause. Still, considering what you can accomplish with this firewall software, the effort is well rewarded.

Review: Internet Cleanup 5.0

Internet Cleanup can simplify the job of en masse deletions of your Internet activities across several browsers. But it duplicates some features already built into Mac OS X or your favorite browser. And other Internet Cleanup features offer a mixed bag.

Sync your iTunes libraries

Syncing iTunes libraries can be complicated, but the right software can help you copy files as well as update database information.

Sync your e-mail messages

Whether you use Apple Mail or Microsoft Entourage, you can make sure you have all your messages with you, whichever of your Macs you happen to be using.