Joe KissellSenior Contributor, Macworld

Joe Kissell is a senior editor of TidBits and the author of numerous ebooks in the Take Control series, including the just-published Take Control of Apple Mail.

Eight reasons to choose Safari or Firefox

Joe Kissell thinks either Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox should be your default browser. But how do you decide between these two Web heavy-hitters? Take a look at their strengths.

Troubleshoot an ailing hard drive

Do your applications quit without warning? Is your Mac stalling during start-up? Are you finding unusual numbers of corrupted files? You may have a faulty hard drive. Joe Kissel explains how to diagnose and fix the problem.

What to look for in an external hard drive

When it comes to safeguarding your data, external hard drives are the way to go. In this excerpt from Take Control of Mac OS X Backups, Joe Kissell explains why and shows you what to consider when shopping for an external hard drive.

Five reasons to partition a disk

Apple's Disk Utility makes it easy to split a hard drive up into multiple parts called partitions. But why would you ever bother? Joe Kissell shows you five things partitioning a disk allows you to do.

BusyMac BusyCal 1.0

If you’ve been frustrated by iCal’s limitations or are looking for a scheduling program with a little more oomph, BusyMac’s BusyCal may be just what you need.

When to use Twitter instead of e-mail

Twitter versus e-mail? From evading junk mail filters to serving as a quick group messaging service, sometimes Twitter works best.

Four reasons to switch to IMAP

You may know that your e-mail client uses either the Post Office Protocol (POP) or Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) standard to retrieve your messages. But do you know why you should care? Joe Kissell shows how you can reduce e-mail aggravations by changing the way you receive your messages.

Find and merge address book duplicates

Whether you use Apple's Address Book or Microsoft Entourage's built-in contact manager, duplicate contacts can make it harder to find information you seek. Here's how to clean up the mess.

Prune your contacts

If you no longer recognize half of the names in your address book, it might be time to clean house. Here's how to get rid of the clutter in Mail, Address Book, and Entourage.


Three ways to improve Gmail

It's convenient, it's free, but sometimes Gmail can also feel a bit primitive. If you wish this popular e-mail service had a few more niceties, check out Joe Kissell's three favorite ways to improve the Gmail experience.

The seven most underused Mail features

Snow Leopard brings a whole new version of Apple's e-mail program, Mail. But most of us never used all of the old features. Joe Kissell reveals the seven most underused Mail features you should check out right now.

Web workflows: Don't waste time

How do you keep up with the flood of information online? We asked some of our Web savviest contributors how they do it. First up: Joe Kissell

Six reasons desktop e-mail still rules

Did you find yourself stranded without e-mail during Tuesday's Gmail outage? Joe Kissell is here to tell you six more reasons conventional desktop e-mail programs are still better than even the best webmail.

Five favorite Entourage tips

Ready to stop doing things the slow way in Microsoft Entourage? Joe Kissell shows his five favorite ways to boost your productivity in this popular e-mail program.

Remember your passwords

Want to use secure passwords, but fearful you'll get in a bind if you use ones too complicated to memorize? You'll always be able to access critical passwords if you take these steps.