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Joel Mathis is a regular contributor to Macworld and TechHive. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife and young son.

The Week in iOS Accessories: Private time

This week's list of new iOS accessories includes one item that's extremely useful, but extremely private. We've also got chargers, batteries, sound enhancers, and...potty pals.

iOS 6.1.1 update targeted at iPhone 4S improvement

Apple released an update to iOS 6 Monday, one so narrowly targeted most users might miss it.

Tim Cook to speak Tuesday at Goldman Sachs conference

Last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook used the Goldman Sachs conference to affirm the company's commitment to good worker conditions. What will this year's news be?

The Week in Mac Accessories: Portable power

This week's roundup of new accessories for the Mac include ways to make sure you have all the power and protection you need.

The Week in iOS Apps: Grammy-phone

This week's roundup of new and updated iOS apps includes a little bit of sports, a little bit of music, and of course, a little bit of zombie.

iTunes Music Store sells 25 billionth song

The winning track was sold in Germany, signifiyng Apple's growth to markets that its rivals haven't yet cracked.

The Week in iOS Accessories: A little bit of everything

Would you like some soup with your iPhone? How about a cup of coffee? Some toys? Batteries? This week's roundup has you covered.

Facebook adds voice and video to iOS app

Facebook wants users to add pictures and voice recordings to their messages, and to include video with their status updates.

Expo Notes: EasyWeb promises a replacement for iWeb

Do you miss iWeb, Apple's web-publishing service that was discontinued last year? The guys at Rage Software say they're preparing a replacement.

Expo Notes: iOS apps mixing more business with pleasure

The iPhone and iPad started life as objects of delight, but this week's expo shows that they've become extremely useful devices. Can iOS still be fun?

Expo Notes: Video Charades is just fun

Video Charades is not going to wow you with its cleverness. It's just a simple, pleasantly diverting app.

Expo Notes: ServicePal puts iPads in hands of blue-collar workers

Apple's tablet is already helping pilots, architects, and car salesmen. What can it do for electricians and plumbers?

Expo Notes: Gigsky app offers international data without expensive roaming charges

Gigsky's forthcoming app will let users comparison shop for the best data plans when they take their mobile devices abroad.

Expo Notes: iPad apps MLeads, iPresent help seal the business deal

One thing is clear at Macworld/iWorld: The iPad has become an indispensable tool for today's sales staffers as it's useful for tracking customers and making the pitch. And MLeads and iPresent apps can help.

Expo Notes: QuikIO adds mobile-to-mobile media sharing

QuikIO, the iOS app that lets users access photos, videos, and music directly from their Macs and PCs, has added mobile-to-mobile file transfers to its iPhone and iPad offerings.