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John Brandon is a technology writer and car enthusiast. After leaving the corporate world in 2001, he embarked on a solo writing career and never looked back (except for that one time). He's tested thousands of products and reported on everything from 50 Cent starting a headphone company to BMW building a data center in Iceland. He lives outside of Minneapolis.

Kingsdown Sleep Smart Intuitive

Kingsdown Sleep Smart Intuitive review: Paying a king’s ransom to sleep like a king

Sleep monitors report how well you slept. This sleep-monitoring mattress actively helps you sleep better.


Review: WeMo-enabled Holmes Smart Humidifier is the go-to gadget for flu season

Breathe easier without having to get up and fiddle with a knob. Smartphone notifications when the filter needs changing are pretty smart too.

mcdonalds apple pay

Known NFC spoofing techniques probably wouldn't work with Apple Pay

Apple's use of a one-time token instead of your account number makes stealing the data from midair a pretty pointless exercise.

iphone6 primary

Big time: 9 apps that take advantage of the iPhone 6 Plus screen

Smart developers are updating their apps to use the generous real estate of Apple's newest phone.

5 serious business alternatives to Dropbox

The recent Dropbox data breach has many IT executives telling employees not to use it. These five products offer the administrative and security features that may restore their faith in cloud data storage.


Djay for iPad

DJ app lets you make audio mixes and record scratches for parties and events.

1Password 3

Agile Web Solutions’ 1Password 3 is one of the best password management tools available. Several robust and powerful features make it nearly indispensible.

iStoryboards for iPhone

This app for planning out how your video projects will look lacks features and suffers from numerous performance issues.

Drive Genius 3

For anyone who has visited a Genius Bar lately at an Apple store, you know it is always a good idea to pay careful attention to the tools they use. Leaning over the shoulder of a technician, you might spot Drive Genius 3, the latest version of Prosoft Engineering’s drive defrag and partitioning tool.

Eon 1.2.1

The app will dim your Mac to show only calendar and task items, and also provides several “skin” widgets that make the calendar look a bit more appealing.

Inkscape 0.47

For basic drawing tasks, Inkscape is just as powerful as Adobe Illustrator.

DrawBerry 0.8.1

DrawBerry is not exactly a substitute for Adobe Illustrator, but it works well in a pinch for creating a basic vector drawing image, such as a brochure or a garage sale sign.

ShootShifter 2.5.1

ShootShifter helps sort pictures from multiple cameras

Yep 2.1

Yep 2 is like iTunes for documents

Viewfinder 1.0.6

Provides speedy Flickr search results.