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John Brandon is a technology writer and car enthusiast. After leaving the corporate world in 2001, he embarked on a solo writing career and never looked back (except for that one time). He's tested thousands of products and reported on everything from 50 Cent starting a headphone company to BMW building a data center in Iceland. He lives outside of Minneapolis.

Studio One Pro 1.0.1

New kid on the block: StudioOne is a powerful new music creation and production app that rivals Apple and Avid offerings.

Battery Go for iPhone

This app won't tell you exactly how much battery life you have left on your iPhone or iPod touch, but then it doesn't claim to do that. Rather, Battery Go gives you a pretty good estimate for how much juice you'll need to perform tasks on your mobile device. Large icons and a slider make this simple app easy to use.

JR Hexatone Pro for iPhone

Using this music-making app can be a challenge at first, especially given the real estate available on the iPhone's screen. But once you learn JR Hexatone Pro, it is actually one of the best music apps available at the App Store.

CodeWeavers CrossOver Mac Pro 8

CrossOver Mac Pro 8.0 is an application that runs a virtual environment so you can run Windows applications on your Mac.

How the iPhone works

John Brandon breaks down the science behind the iPhone's sensors.

iSurf for iPhone

Gameplay is weak, the graphics aren't compelling, and the use of the iPhone's built-in accelerometer are poor in this surfing game. And that's a shame because iSurf should deliver more fun than it actually does.

Hitchcock for iPhone

This unique app allows you to do storyboarding -- plotting out what happens in each shot of a video or film shoot. It's a remarkably powerful mobile app -- and very valuable to creative pros -- though Hitchcock has its limitations.

Make your iPhone video pop

How to shoot crisp and colorful video on your iPhone without the typical jerky-camera look.

DocScanner for iPhone

This app aims to capture documents just like a flatbed scanner would. The results are fine, but you could pull off the same feat using the iPhone's built-in camera.

iFax for iPhone

When nothing else will do except a hard copy of your signature, this faxing app comes in handy. While it has some limitations, iFax works reliably enough that you may be able to ditch that desktop fax machine.

Recording your song on an iPhone

As an amateur musician, I’m always looking for ways to get a song from my head into my computer. With Sonoma Wire Works FourTrack, it’s easy to compose an entire song, record the basic parts, and then export the audio to your Mac for further editing.

FourTrack for iPhone

Sonoma Wire Works' FourTrack is an amazing iPhone app for musicians, songwriters, or anyone who likes to record audio.

Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite for iPhone

If you need to edit Word and Excel files on your iPhone or iPod touch, consider Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite. It's a bit easier to use than alternative apps, runs fast, and is generally stable.

Documents to Go for iPhone

Long-time mobile app maker DataViz offers two different versions of its Documents to Go app for viewing and editing files on the go. We take a look at both to see if they measure up and which one best fits your needs.

Zensify for iPhone

Zensify is a social network aggregator for the iPhone and iPod touch that feeds a number of social networking services into one interface. It's useful for seeing trends in topics, but falls short in comparison to more powerful tools and those that are a bit smarter.