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John Brandon is a technology writer and car enthusiast. After leaving the corporate world in 2001, he embarked on a solo writing career and never looked back (except for that one time). He's tested thousands of products and reported on everything from 50 Cent starting a headphone company to BMW building a data center in Iceland. He lives outside of Minneapolis.

To-Do List for iPhone

This basic task manager won't set the world ablaze with its innovative interface or hard-to-live without features. But for keeping tabs on your to-dos, it handles the job well.

My Eyes Only for iPhone

When it comes to storing data for credit cards, memberships, social security cards, and other IDs in one place, My Eyes Only does a secure, reliable job. But the app's interface is weak, and it could stand some more customization capabilities.

PDF Reader Pro for iPhone

This PDF-reading app lets you upload files to your mobile device and organize them. More important, PDF Reader Pro can handle any PDF file with ease.

8Bitone for iPhone

This audio sequencer certainly isn't aimed at everyone. But if you're interested in music -- particularly old-school computer sounds -- you'll be amazed by how 8Bitone packs a synthesizer onto your iPhone or iPod touch.

WikiHow for iPhone

This app, which puts the WikiHow how-to manual at your fingertips, is easy to recommend, thanks to its wealth of information and helpful multimedia.

GazoPa for iPhone

If you're on the lookout for Web-based images, GazoPa can use a photo or drawing to look for matches. But at this point, the iPhone app lacks reliability and good filters to be truly dependable.

Studiometry 6.1

Studiometry 6.1.7 is a sensible business choice because it combines some low-level accounting features with contact and project management characteristics.

QlikView for iPhone

QlikView takes a page out of Cover Flow's book, letting users flip through records to get data about their business. It's a solid step toward better mobile access to enterprise data.

Leaf Trombone: World Stage for iPhone

One of those rare apps that uses the iPhone platform in a creative, compelling way, Leaf Trombone also happens to be insanely addictive once you feel the lure of competing against others on the World Stage.

Daylite Touch for iPhone

If you use Marketcircle's Daylite business organization tool on the Mac, Daylite Touch is a must-have for your mobile device. In fact, the iPhone app is so rich and useful, it makes a compelling argument for jumping on the Daylite bandwagon

Qu-s 1.2

Over time, Qu-s reveals itself as a handy tool for managing your thoughts and tasks.

Yahoo Messenger for iPhone

This fine chat client features a very easy-to-use interface, but at this stage, it's likely of interest largely to existing Yahoo Messenger users looking for a mobile app.

Skype for iPhone

Skype's long-awaited iPhone client has its limitations. But if you're willing to accept them, it's a fine tool that extends the iPhone's communication capabilities while adding voice talk features to the iPod touch.


TimeBridge bills itself as a “personal scheduling assistant,” and makes it easy to schedule meetings, regardless of which scheduling tool people are using. Ingenious and well designed, TimeBridge has the potential to be a smart and useful product, but it lacks a few important features.

Review: Araxis Merge 2009

Araxis Merge 2009, a powerful file comparison utility, can get you out of a tight spot. Its purpose is to check the contents of two files and reveal the differences between them. You can then merge one file into the other.