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John Brandon is a technology writer and car enthusiast. After leaving the corporate world in 2001, he embarked on a solo writing career and never looked back (except for that one time). He's tested thousands of products and reported on everything from 50 Cent starting a headphone company to BMW building a data center in Iceland. He lives outside of Minneapolis.

Review: 3 is a powerful productivity suite–including tools for word processing, spreadsheets, slideshows and more—with one major additional feature: it’s free.

Review: ConceptDraw MindMap Pro 5.5

ConceptDraw MindMap Pro 5.5 helps you brainstorm ideas simply while avoiding the feature war with other brainstorming tools.

Review: CrossOver Mac Professional 7

Codeweavers CrossOver Mac Professional 7.0.2 uses just the Windows application programming interface (API) to run Windows apps on your Mac, without the Windows OS. It's an ingenious idea for a program that can save time and costs less than buying a separate copy of Windows. But CrossOver supports only a handful of commercial applications.

Review: Daylite 3.7

Marketcircle's Daylite 3.7.3 is a scheduler, to-do list, notes utility, project manager, and sales tracker all rolled into one that supports up to 50 users on individually licensed Macs. It's large and flexible, with many components that you can use immediately or grow into.

Analysis: Macs on the network, time to panic?

Computerworld looks at whether the Mac will gain more of a foothold in corporate networks.