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John C. Welch is the IT Director for The Zimmerman Agency, and is a longtime Mac IT pundit.

Mac mini with Lion Server ideal for SOHO and SMB

The Mac mini server was already a great machine. The latest version, the Mac mini with Lion Server, is even better.

Mac OS X Lion Server

The ninth major release of Appleā€™s server operating system is as big a change as the change from OS X Server 1.0 to OS X Server 10.0. In many ways, Mac OS X Lion Server (version 10.7) succeeds, but it is hampered by UI annoyances and inconsistencies that will probably be fixed in future updates. But right now, using Lion Server is a tad more maddening than it should be.

Mac IT Guy: What Lion means for businesses

While much of the discussion about Lion has focused on its Mac-App-Store-only distribution model, there are other features that business users and IT departments should care about.

Mac IT Guy: OS X Lion Server

With OS X Lion Server, Apple is blurring the distinction between client and server operating systems. To John Welch, that's not a bad thing.


iPad power: connect to a VPN

It's easy to protect your iPad and its data by using your office's virtual private network, or VPN. Here's how to get connected.

Mac IT Guy: sharing printers, storing e-mail

The best way to share one printer among multiple Macs and Windows PCs. Also: How to choose a POP e-mail provider.

Mac IT Guy: the phantom printer

What happens when you disconnect a printer from the network, but one of your Macs still thinks it's there? Also: Connecting Macs to DFS.

Mac IT Guy: two routers, one network

If you have two routers on the same network, they may be confusing all the Macs that connect to them; here's how to straight it out. Plus: Best tape backup system for Macs?

Mac IT Guy: replacing an Xserve

Now that Apple has discontinued the Xserve product line, what's the best upgrade path. Plus: What to do if you forgot to mirror your server's drives.

Mac IT Guy: Network Overload, OS X Server

I have a series of older 802.11 b/g Airport Expresses set up in several rooms of the house, to let me stream music; at the heart of it all is a Time Capsule...

Mac IT Guy: Network overload, OS X Server

One reader wants to know how to prevent drop-outs when he's streaming iTunes around the house, another asks about troubleshooting an OS X Server installation.

Mac IT Guy: Access Exchange from home

This week, readers have questions about fully integrating Macs into an Active Directory environment and troubleshooting Exchange e-mail connections from home.

Mac IT Guy: Macs and Active Directory

Connecting Macs to Active Directory on Windows-based servers can be a huge help--and, occasionally, a huge hassle.

Mac IT Guy: printer problems and DFS

What to do when OS X doesn't recognize a network printer. Also: Microsoft's Distributed File System is really cool; unfortunately, it's also inaccessible from a Mac unless you have some special software.


Mac IT Guy: password prompts

A reader wants to know: How do I remind Mac users on my network to update their Active Directory passwords? John Welch explains what's required.