John C. WelchMacworld

John C. Welch is the IT Director for The Zimmerman Agency, and is a longtime Mac IT pundit.

Mac IT Guy: Old parts, remote connections

This week, two questions, one about where to find replacement parts for an old Mac Pro, the other about connecting to remote Macs over a network.

Xserve is dead... so now what?

Mac IT expert John C. Welch tries to understand Apple's reasons for killing its Xserve server, while explaining why the Mac Pro and Mac Mini are not adequate replacements... no matter what Apple says to the contrary.

Ask the Mac IT Guy

Have a question about adding Macs to the mix in an office network? John Welch is here to answer them.

Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011

E-mail client and personal information manager leaves Entourage behind.

Microsoft Messenger and Communicator 2011

Microsoft's updates to its instant messaging clients are underwhelming.

Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server (Mid 2010)

For a small utility server or as the only server for a SOHO business, the Mac mini With Snow Leopard Server is hard to beat.

What iPhone 4.0 means for IT

Much of the talk surrounding Apple's iPhone 4.0 preview has focused on multitasking and iAd. But John C. Welch says the forthcoming iPhone OS update has plenty of features that should interest his fellow IT directors and system administrators.

How the iPad fits into IT

Worried about having to support the iPad in your organization? IT director John C. Welch contends that if you already support iPhones and iPod touches, then you're ahead of the game.

Mac mini with OS X Server will serve you well

The version of the Mac mini that Apple has configured to be a server won't find its way into the enterprise any time soon. But IT maven John C. Welch says Apple's desktop can be surprisingly useful to business users who set their expectations realistically.

Kerio Mail Server 6.7

Kerio Mail Serveris an e-mail, calendaring, contact, and to-do server that runs on three versions of the Mac OS.

Review: Mac OS X 10.6 Server

With the significant price cut, new features, and improvements to existing features, Mac OS X 10.6 Server is a solid product. For an all or mostly-Mac network, this isn’t an "if" upgrade, but a "when," especially if you have iPhone users clamoring for push services.

The case for Entourage on Snow Leopard

Much has been made about the potential impact of Snow Leopard's Exchange Support. And while it covers basic Exchange well, John C. Welch argues that but anything beyond a bare minimum, Entourage Exchange Web Services edition is a clear winner.

Ten good things about Snow Leopard for IT admins

Senior systems administrator John C. Welch has had a chance to use Snow Leopard and finds plenty to like about the latest version of OS X from a Mac IT perspective.

iPhone Configuration Utility 2.0

iPhone Configuration Utility 2.0 is a big step forward to help Apple gain a foothold in corporate environments, but it still has some glaring flaws.

Outlook on the Mac: And they lived happily ever after?

If you think the version of Outlook that will arrive on the Mac next year will is going to be 100-percent feature-compatible with the Windows edition, John C. Welch says you should prepare to be disappointed.