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John C. Welch is the IT Director for The Zimmerman Agency, and is a longtime Mac IT pundit.

iNag for iPhone

If you are running Nagios on your network, have an iPhone or iPod touch, and need to be able to talk to Nagios from those devices, iNag is a no-brainer, even with some interface annoyances.

iPhone 3.0 from a corporate point of view

You've heard about copy-and-paste, Spotlight searches, and other consumer-friendly iPhone 3.0 features. But there's plenty in the update for corporate types, too.

WWDC Preview: iPhone 3.0 hopes from an IT pro

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference opens on Monday. John C. Welch predicts what changes in iPhone OS 3.0 mean for the IT crowd.

Eight iPhone apps and services for system admins

John C. Welch rounds up the iPhone apps and services that make his IT job go a lot smoother.

In praise of Directory

Directory is one of the hidden gems of Mac OS X Server, and if you're using Open Directory, it's a great way to facilitate better communication between employees. John Welch shows you what it can do.

What Exchange 2010 means for Mac users

Microsoft's planned changes to Microsoft Exchange 2010 suggest that Mac users working in an Exchange world may no longer feel like afterthoughts. John C. Welch looks at the changes and how they'll affect Mac users.

Analysis: Comparing the Nehalem Xserve to other servers

Apple's Xserve is now powered by a processor with Intel's Nehalem microarchitecture. But does this revamped server product match up with competing offerings in its class. John C. Welch compares the new Xserve to servers from HP and Dell.

Citrix introduces App Receiver for iPhone

Citrix's App Receiver will bring an important tool to iPhone-using IT staff which will help them remotely access files. John C. Welch takes a look at how it works and how it compares to other solutions.

LDAPeople for iPhone

Apple’s Open Directory is great for maintaining a contact list for company employees. But accessing that valuable info from an iPhone can be a hassle. Fortunately, LDAPeople lets you use contact information from your LDAP directory on your iPhone.

The cost of bad installers

John C. Welch finds custom installers annoying. But they care even greater consequences for Mac IT admins than just being a nuisance.

Setting up and using SNMPv3 on OS X

When it comes to checking on your network, Simple Network Management Protocol offers a relatively low-bandwidth way to see what’s happening. Version 3 of the protocol adds an extra layer of security. John C. Welch shows you how to set up SNMPv3 and explains why you would want to.

Apple’s enterprise strategy the same as it ever was

The retirement of Al Shipp, Apple’s senior vice president of enterprise sales, coupled with the fact that Apple has no plans to hire a replacement has some people suggesting that Apple is abandoning the enterprise. But John C. Welch argues that Apple never supported the enterprise in the first place.

Opinion: Apple’s unforgivable DNS delay

Apple’s response—or lack of one—to a serious DNS bug has shredded the security goodwill the company earned over the years, John C. Welch argues.

Installing Nagios on Mac OS X 10.5 Server

John C. Welch updates his instructions for installing the open-source Nagios on to the latest version of OS X Server, an operation that will turn a Mac into a network monitoring station that can notify you of hardware and software problems.

A closer look at Snow Leopard Server

Here’s a closer look at what Apple has revealed about the next major OS X Server update and what it means when the finished version arrives in a year or so.