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John C. Welch is the IT Director for The Zimmerman Agency, and is a longtime Mac IT pundit.

Apple’s iPhone app distribution plan a winner for IT

In announcing more iPhone 2.0 plans this week, Apple revealed a small change in how it plans to let IT departments distribute iPhone apps to enterprise users. And that will make a huge difference, John C. Welch says.

What Visual Basic’s Office return means for Mac IT

Microsoft promised this week to restore support for Visual Basic for Applications to a future version of its Office suite. But the lack of VBA support in Office 2008 is only one problem for Mac users, John C. Welch writes.

Back up Entourage with AppleScript

John C. Welch uses AppleScript to help him back up Entourage, including compatibility with Time Machine.

Analysis: The iPhone moves into the enterprise

The announcements that came out of Thursday’s iPhone briefing delivered just about anything IT professionals could expect, John C. Welch says.

Opinion: IT wishes for Apple’s iPhone event

A day before Apple makes its software development and enterprise announcements for the iPhone, John C. Welch offers a wish-list of his own for what IT administrators should hope to get out of Thursday’s event.

Analysis: The end of the line for Xserve RAID

Apple’s decision to discontinue the Xserve RAID doesn’t surprise John C. Welch. And while it will mean some complications for Mac IT, overall, there’s a lot to like about this move.

What Microsoft’s Yahoo bid means for Mac IT

John C. Welch looks at two Yahoo products used by Mac IT administrators that face an uncertain future if Microsoft is successful in its bid to buy Yahoo.

Xcode: Apple’s not-so-secret weapon

Apple’s decision to give away its development tools with every copy of Mac OS X has opened up new horizons for Mac users, particularly systems administrators.

How Entourage 2008 fares with Exchange

Entoruage 2008 is Exchange-compatible, but don't confuse it with a Mac version of Outlook. John C. Welch explores the Entourage-Exchange relationship in greater detail.

Review: Mac OS X 10.5 Server

If you don’t already have a directory service or dedicated servers, and are just now thinking about implementing such things for the first time, Mac OS X 10.5 Server is a compelling product; just keep in mind that some of its services don’t work as well as they should in a heterogeneous environment.

Analysis: The end of Netinfo

Netinfo is DOA in Mac OS X 10.5, and John C. Welch comes to bury it, not to praise it.

First Look: Leopard preview: What's new with Mac OS X Server

The client version of Mac OS X 10.5 isn't the only Leopard release slated for October 26. There's also the new version of Mac OS X Server. John C. Welch previews the latest version of Apple's server software and lets you know what to expect.

Exploring under the hood

While it doesn’t have the cool factor of things like Automator and Spotlight, the Unix plumbing in Mac OS X has gotten just as much attention in Mac OS X 10.4, and has as many changes in store for technical users as the user-interface improvements.