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Researcher: Mac-based security threats jumped in 2011

New Mac-based security threats jumped in 2011, but still remain far below that of Windows PCs, according to a posting by F-Secure Labs.

Buffalo Technology previews gigabit wireless router

At the International Consumer Electronics Show, Buffalo Technology previewed a prototype of what will eventually be its first 802.11ac wireless router, estimating the data rate at 1.3Gbps.

CES: Gigabit Wi-Fi takes center stage

Vendors at CES 2012 will show the future of Wi-Fi: multi-gigabit data rates. First products are expected as early as mid-year.

Security experts dispute Carrier IQ threat

Emerging details indicate that the Carrier IQ smartphone application does exactly what the vendor says it does and may not be the nefarious threat it seemed at first to be.

Apple ended Carrier IQ support with iOS 5

Apple Thursday issued a statement that it stopped supporting a controversial Carrier IQ software that is intended to collect smartphone performance data for carriers.

Survey: iPhone 4S owners are very satisfied with the device

If the iPhone 4S was a disappointment to the technorati, it's not to the millions who have already bought one. A survey shows 96 percent of iPhone 4S owners are either somewhat or very satisfied with the device.

'Lost' interview with Steve Jobs to screen next week

A "lost" interview with the late Steve Jobs, from the mid-1990s, will screen at 19 U.S. theaters for two days next week.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard vs. Mac OS X Lion

Which big cat was the best release of Apple's desktop operating system?