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Will FCC pry iPhone loose from AT&T?

Network World looks at what the FCC's net neutrality push will mean for exclusive phone agreements, such as the one AT&T enjoys with the iPhone.

Apple flubs its improved support for Exchange e-mail security

Apple's improved support for Microsoft Exchange security has triggered frustration for some enterprise users linking to Exchange 2007.

802.11n Wi-Fi chip discovered in new iPod touch

The new Apple iPod Touch uses the Broadcom BCM4329, which can support the just-approved high-throughput 802.11n standard.

A new way to get iPhones under control

TrustDigital has released an updated version of its mobile device management software, with improved support for the iPhone, including the new 3GS model, and iPod touch.

Is it time to cut the Ethernet access cable?

A range of companies with wireless LANs are discovering that 50% to 90% or more of Ethernet ports now go unused, because Wi-Fi has become so prevalent.

How Bluetooth got as fast as Wi-Fi

Network World interviews Kevin Hayes, who was the technical editor for the 802.11 Protocol Adaption Layer -- one of the big changes in the just-announced Bluetooth 3.0 specification.

Apple seen readying huge Wi-Fi boost for iPod touch, iPhone

Apple seems to be laying the groundwork to introduce high-capacity, low-power 802.11n Wi-Fi to both the iPhone and iPod touch, Network World reports.

Palm pulls the plug on Palm OS, bets future on Pre’s webOS

Palm has pulled the plug on its Palm OS operating system.

Palm Pre vs. Apple iPhone: How they stack up

Network World’s John Cox compares the newly announced Palm Pre 3G smartphone to Apple’s iPhone.

Broadcom combines 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM radio on one chip

Chip-maker Broadcom is packaging 802.11n, enhanced data rate Bluetooth, and FM radios in a single chip.

iPhones go to front of the class at Texas university

Network World looks at Abilene Christian University and its program to supply incoming freshman with either an iPhone 3G or iPod touch.

Updated management appliance corrals Apple iPhone

Kace has updated its system management appliance with beta software for the iPhone.

Are smartphone viruses really a threat to your network?

All evidence points to the fact that smartphone viruses will be a threat to network even though they may not be at this time, Network World reports.

Intel researchers stretch Wi-Fi to cover 60 miles

Intel recently demonstrated a modified 802.11 radio link with a data rate of around 6 Mbps and a range of more than 60 miles.

CES: Vendors tune 802.11n devices to meet networking demands

Most if not all of the wireless chip makers are going above and beyond the IEEE standard to fine tune their 11n silicon to create a much more stable, better behaved and predictable signal than that found in today's wireless LAN gear, Network World reports.