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John Fontana is senior editor at Network World.

Ballmer: Sidekick outage 'not good'

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, stating the obvious for emphasis, called the Sidekick outage "not good," but said he thinks all data will be recovered. And he added that Microsoft needs to be more forthcoming in explaining to enterprise customers why a similar situation won't occur with the company's online services.

Google unveils plug-in to marry Outlook, Gmail

Google Tuesday unveiled synchronization technology that supports Microsoft Outlook as the front end to Gmail, giving users an option to scrap Exchange on the...

Planning necessary for corporate SaaS

Amid the growing popularity of software-as-a-service, IT managers are faced with a sometimes monumental task of developing...

Expo: Kerio unveils Mac client for its VPN

Messaging and security vendor Kerio in March will release a Mac-based VPN client for its WinRoute Firewall.

Microsoft layoff rumors continue their swirl

The on-again, off-again rumors of layoffs at Microsoft appear to be off again after CNBC reported that the company would not...

Ballmer's tongue again causes trouble for Microsoft

Comments from the Microsoft CEO sparked speculation that the company would again try to make a play for Yahoo—speculation that Microsoft immediately shot down.

Microsoft tops $60 billion in annual revenue

Microsoft Thursday announced it has topped $60 billion in yearly revenue for the first time in its history.

MS: Vista launch 'eclipsed entire Apple install base'

Microsoft is countering criticism about Windows Vista use by taking a swipe at Apple.

Xbox chief resignation unrelated to console troubles

Microsoft Xbox chief Peter Moore claims his decision to take a job with EA is unrelated to ongoing concerns about Xbox 360 reliability.

Linux supporters: Microsoft's patent threats baseless

The Linux faithful might be staring down the barrel of another round of Microsoft’s legal taunts, but at last week’s Linux Foundation Summit, the reaction was more ho-hum than oh-no.

NetworkWorld: What to ask Gates and Jobs

In anticipation of Wednesday's joint appearance by Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at the D: All Things Digital conference, NetworkWorld proposes 10 questions for the tech heavyweights.

Disney-developed identity technology goes commercial

Startup Bitkoo is releasing as a commercial product identity-management technology developed and deployed by Walt Disney.

Gates christens Longhorn Windows Server 2008

Bill Gates has announced that Longhorn Server will officially be called Windows Server 2008.

Mac OS infused with tools of the corporate IT trade

Apple is beginning to cast a shadow in the corporate-infrastructure world as the Mac becomes a realistic alternative to Windows and Linux.

Microsoft profits off; share buyback program revealed

Microsoft saw dramatically lower year-over-year profits for its latest reported quarter, but still beat the street.