Best Alarm Clock for iPhone

Your iPhone or iPod touch may come with a Clock app, but it's a pretty bare-bones offering. Fortunately, upgrading to a better clock application isn't that expensive, and Best Alarm Clock more than lives up to its name.

EgretList for iPhone

If you're a user of the Evernote, this to-do list manager will appeal to you with its ability to sync to-do items, notebooks, and tags with the information storage service.

Firefox Home for iPhone

Don't confuse this app from Mozilla as a replacement for your iPhone's built-in browser. But if you just want a way to access Firefox data like opened tabs, bookmarks, and browsing history from your mobile device, there’s no better solution.

Battery Manager Pro for iPhone

This app's strongest suit is its power management features, telling you how much battery life you have left for certain tasks. The benefits of the app's battery maintenance capabilities are less noticeable.

EasyWriter Pro for iPhone

Even in the iOS 4 era, this well-designed app has value, adding capabilities like spell-check, auto-text, and snippets to the iPhone's e-mailing composition tools. It's a particularly welcome addition to older iPhones that don't support the iOS 4 update.

Atomic Web Browser for iPhone and iPad

The beauty of this mobile Web browser may leave much to be desired, but the brawn -- in the form of power features and customizable options -- is present in full-force.

Fast Contacts for iPhone

For users who want more than what the iPhone's Contacts app provides by default, Fast Contacts is a decent contact manager that certainly deserves a look.

iCurrency Pad for iPhone and iPad

This hybrid app does the job of converting currency quickly and efficiently, no matter what device you use. And at $1, the price is right for this hybrid app.

JOutliner for iPhone

This outliner app is very clunky and hard-to-use. It's also hampered by a lackluster interface and limited functionality.