John MoltzContributor, Macworld

John Moltz recently gave up the glamour of working in corporate IT to write online at his Very Nice Web Site. He does not respond to questions about whether he used to write what amounts to Apple fan fiction.

Gear Guide: Products we'd like to see

Every year, we scour the world of Macs, iPhones, and iPads, looking for the right accessories and gadgets to include in our holiday-season Gear Guides. But we do occasionally miss things. John Moltz has four products he wishes we'd included.

Keynote: The recap, in advance

John Moltz breaks down Apple’s Macworld Expo keynote—before it even happens.

The end of the world

Apparently some of you think that Apple’s about to go out of business; that its very existence is threatened; that fire, plague, and pestilence lie just around the corner. John Moltz has some words of wisdom for such doomsayers.

Opinion: Working the show floor

The Expo odyssey of John Moltz continues, with a stroll around the Moscone Center, a chance meeting—or two—with Sinbad, and the discovery of what PowerPoint would taste like if it were an M&M.

Opinion: A keynote view from the cheap seats

We wanted a unique perspective on this week's Expo keynote, so we turned to John Moltz of Crazy Apple Rumors Site.

2007: The year in review

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to look back on all that’s happened in the Apple world in 2007.

Apple history: 15 billion years and counting

We wrap up our celebration of Apple's 30th anniversary by having John Moltz of Crazy Apple Rumors look at Apple's history the way it ought to be.