John SiracusaSenior Contributor, Macworld

John Siracusa is a contributor to Macworld and Ars Technica. He's the host of the Hypercritical podcast.

Hypercritical's 2013 Apple Scorecard

Hypercritical's John Siracusa took a look at his 2013 expectations for Apple and how they compared to the company's actual performance. Spoiler: the Apple TV may need to complete some extra credit work in 2014.

Mac of the future: the OS

Where's OS X headed? To get a clue, just look at iOS.

Apple's other operating system

After all the hubbub about Apple's iOS, John Siracusa asks the question: What about Mac OS X? Where does it go from here?

The best Mac games of all time

As part of the Mac’s 25th anniversary, John Siracusa of Ars Technica looks back at the best Mac games of a bygone era.

Four great Mac icons

As part of the Mac’s 25th anniversary, John Siracusa names four of the best Mac icons of all time.

Apple TV as a TiVo-killer

If Apple wants its “hobby” product line to take off like the iPod, it has to acknowledge the hole in the Apple TV’s functionality and create a real DVR.

A day without Steve

One sure way to dampen the spirits of a Mac enthusiast is to start talking about Apple without Steve Jobs at the helm.