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Microsoft's aversion to iOS, Android gives QuickOffice a chance

With Microsoft ignoring iOS and Android, the market for mobile office software is left to small vendors like QuickOffice.

Office 365 apps for iPhone and Android not coming soon

Microsoft launched Office 365 to the world this week, but the company's cloud product development is by no means complete. But don't look for dedicated applications for the iPhone and Android or a more complete browser-based experience for Office Web Apps.


Microsoft: Cloud computing won't hurt us

Microsoft's new Server & Tools president says cloud computing is another opportunity the software giant can exploit just as it did with the birth of the PC.

Microsoft, Google, Twitter debate whether HTML5 is 'Holy Grail'

Tech's big hitters debate whether HTML5 is the future and ask if developers should build websites or apps.

Skype's rejection of open-source company not down to Microsoft

Microsoft has little if any influence over Skype until the acquisition is final, and has few good reasons to limit Skype's ability to work with third-party products.

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Apple's iOS doubles operating system market share

Apple's iOS has more than doubled its market share in the past 10 months.

Google crushes, shreds old hard drives to prevent data leakage

A new look into Google's data centers shows extensive security measures and the destruction of old hard drives to prevent leakage of customer data.


Novell patent sale to shield Microsoft, Apple, EMC and Oracle from lawsuits

Microsoft, Apple, EMC and Oracle are continuing to pursue a deal for Novell's patents that will let the four companies split the patents four ways and immunize themselves from any potential lawsuits.

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To top iPhone sales, Microsoft must aim low

Microsoft can top iPhone sales, as long as it keeps the price low, Network World's Jon Brodkin argues.

Most Android, iPhone apps violate open source rules

Seven out of 10 Android and iOS apps that contain open source "failed to comply with basic open source license requirements," according to a new analysis.

VMware unleashes virtual desktops for iPad

The VMware View client for iPad is now available from the App Store.

Ex-Microsoft exec becomes CEO at Parallels

Six months after leaving Microsoft to join desktop virtualization vendor Parallels, executive Birger Steen has been promoted to CEO.

In HTML5 war, Microsoft guy takes pointed dig at Google

Microsoft evangelist Tim Sneath fired off a blog post that mocks Google's decision to remove H.264 support from Chrome in favor of the WebM video codec.

Microsoft Bashes Apple at CES While Previewing Next-Gen Windows

Microsoft Windows President Steven Sinofsky said users are inconvenienced because there is no convergence across the across the iPhone, iPad, iPod and MacBook.

Google pushes Chrome for businesses

Google is continuing its push for business customers by adding IT-friendly features to its Web browser, Chrome.