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IBM sues to block executive’s move to Apple

IBM is suing one of its top executives, a server guru who is trying to take a job with Apple.

Intel ups speed of quad-core processors

Intel has built two new quad-core processors that run faster than previous quad-core chips without using any additional power, the company announced Tuesday.

Analysis: Microsoft-Yahoo merger won’t dethrone Google

A Microsoft-Yahoo merger would pose some new challenges for Google, but it’ll take more than Microsoft’s proposed $44.6 billion acquisition of Yahoo to knock the king of search off its throne, Network World’s Jon Brodkin says.

Gartner to IT: Avoid Apple's iPhone

The analyst firm Gartner will tell IT executives to keep Apple’s iPhone away from their networks, in a research report to be released within a week.

Analyst firm: Google Analytics not enterprise ready

An analysis firm says that Google Analytics isn't enterprise-ready because it lacks some features in pay-to-play Web analytics systems -- a charge that Google executives deny.

Google integrates images, videos, maps into searches

Google plans on implementing a "universal search model" that will provide users with images, videos and maps into their search results.

Lawsuit against Google dismissed

A U.S. District Court judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed against Google by a company that accused the Web search engine of dropping Web sites from search results for political and religious reasons and skewing search results in favor of companies that compensate Google financially.

Advocates: Google policy may not protect identity

Some Google observers are concerned that a new privacy policy announced by the Web search giant may contain holes that could make it possible to connect search logs to the names of users.