TechHive: Amazon enhances Cloud Player, takes on iTunes Match

Amazon has made some sweeping changes to its Cloud Player service, and in the process taken direct aim at Apple’s iTunes Match.

iPhoto update fixes problem with MobileMe Gallery migration

Apple on Thursday released iPhoto 9.3.1, an update to iPhoto '11 with two bug fixes.

Hands on: Next Issue all-you-can-read magazine iPad app

On Tuesday, Next Issue Media brings its all-you-can-read magazine app (previously only for Android tablets) to the iPad.

Enqueue plays audio files that iTunes can't handle

Enqueue is a full-fledged music playback application, similar in look and feel to iTunes. In fact, it can read and play the contents of your iTunes library as well--in addition to FLAC, Enqueue can play MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, AIFF, and Musepack audio files.

TechHive: HDTV terms explained

Shopping for an HDTV can be baffling. LED or plasma? 120Hz or 240Hz? HDTV specs are as numerous as they are confusing, but here’s what a few of the most-common terms mean.

TechHive: In praise of Pai Gow Poker Fever

Over at TechHive, Jonathan Seff says that Pai Gow Poker Fever offers iOS gamers authentic Vegas-style play without having to ever set foot in a casino.

Apple releases iTunes 10.6.3 update

The new iTunes update, released Monday, adds support for iOS 6 beta and fixes several bugs.

Elgato announces Game Capture HD

On Monday, Elgato announced the Game Capture HD, designed to let gamers record and share their exploits with fellow enthusiasts.

Apple TV Software Update 5.0.1 brings HD previews, bug fixes

Apple on Thursday released a minor update to the software for second- and third-generation Apple TVs, with one enhancement and a number of bug fixes.

SRS introduces iWow Universal audio enhancer

Following up on its iWow 3D for iOS devices, SRS Labs has announced the iWow Universal, an audio-enhancing dongle for any product with a 3.5mm headphone output jack.

TechHive: Multi-Dimensional Audio could be the future of sound

SRS Labs' Multi-Dimensional Audio (MDA) has the possibility to change how we think about sound.

iTunes 10.6.1 squashes several bugs

On Wednesday Apple released iTunes 10.6.1, an update that addresses several problems introduced in iTunes 10.6

iTunes 10.6 adds 1080p support, iTunes Match improvements

On Wednesday, Apple released iTunes 10.6 with support for 1080p movies and TV shows, as well as a host of improvements to iTunes Match.

Apple unveils new Apple TV with 1080p support, updated UI

Apple unveiled a new Apple TV model on Wednesday, with support for 1080p video and a new user interface, at a special event in San Francisco.

Will Apple embrace 1080 video on iPad 3 and Apple TV?

In all likelihood, Apple's media event on March 7 will introduce a new iPad, possibly with an improved display. Jonathan Seff also wonders if we'll see 1080p content to go along with it, or if Apple even wants to travel down that rabbit hole.