Four LED-backlit LCD HDTVs reviewed

We recently took a look at several new LED-backlit LCD HDTVs, ranging in size from 42 inches to 55 inches.

Apple releases Lion Recovery Disk Assistant

On Monday, Apple released Lion Recovery Disk Assistant, a tool that lets you create a Lion Recovery partition on an external hard drive.

Apple updates Logic 9 Express, Pro

On Monday Apple released minor updates for its Logic Express and Logic Pro audio recording and editing software.

Four changes I'd like to see with the Apple TV

Apple TV users welcome every update that brings new features to the company's tiny set-top box, but there are still more changes Apple could make. Here are some of the items on Jonathan Seff's Apple TV wish list.

Apple TV now streams purchased TV shows, Vimeo videos

Owners of the second-generation Apple TV can now stream previously purchased TV shows directly from the iTunes Store, as well as watch videos from the popular video-hosting site Vimeo, thanks to a software update released on Monday.

Apple to replace faulty Seagate 1TB iMac hard drives

On Friday, Apple announced that it would replace some Seagate 1TB hard drives included in recent iMacs that could "fail under certain conditions."

Video Monkey 0.10

There are many applications out there that can convert various types of video into formats that are friendly to iTunes and the iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Apple TV. Of those, there's an interesting subset--including Chris Marrin's Video Monkey 0.10--that can not only encode files, but also tag them with TV show or movie metadata at the same time. Or, they can simply fill in or update tag information without additional encoding.

Reading on the iPad: magazines

The iPad is a game-changer for the magazine business. Publishers are trying out all sorts of business and editorial models. Jonathan Seff looks at what you can read (and what you'll pay).

First Look: Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player

Macgo's Mac Blu-ray Player bring Blu-ray playback to the Mac. When it works. Which doesn't appear to be very often.

Free Spin Lollapalooza compilation includes DRM-clad iTunes tracks

In January 2009, Apple announced that all songs on the iTunes Store would soon be sold without the DRM restrictions that had been part of the company's music downloads since the store's inception in 2003. So Jonathan Seff was somewhat surprised to find two DRM-clad iTunes tracks on Spin's free "20 Years of Lollapalooza" compilation.