SRS Labs introduces iWow 3D

SRS Labs announced the latest generation of its sound enhancement hardware for Apple portable devices this week. The iWow 3D, designed to work in conjunction with the free iWow iOS app, is a dongle that you connect to your iPhone, iPod, or iPad's 30-pin dock connector, and then plug your headphones or 1/8-inch cable into the iWow's extended line-out jack.

Need a new HDTV for the Super Bowl? Let us help

On Sunday, millions of people will gather in front of their TV sets to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers duke it out in Dallas at Super Bowl XLV. If you're in the market for a new HDTV, we have a bunch of new reviews to enjoy.

Expo Notes: Three reasons why CES and Macworld can coexist

There are some valid reasons for not exhibiting at both CES and Macworld, but there are just as many reasons to say yes.

Expo Notes: OWC Mac mini-based home media system

Creating a Mac mini-based media center and finding the right combination of hardware and software can be a lot of hard work. At Macworld 2011, OWC demoed its attempt to simply the process.

Expo Notes: HRT iStreamer

On the show floor, High Resolution Technologies (HRT) was showing off its latest creation, the iStreamer, for Dock-based Apple devices.

Apple updates iMovie '11, Brother drivers

Apple on Thursday released two updates that Snow Leopard users might be interested in, one for iMovie '11 and the other for Brother printers and scanners.

Apple updates Epson drivers for Snow Leopard

Falling squarely into the "title says it all" department, Apple on Thursday released an updated set of Epson printer drivers for Snow Leopard users.

Macworld at CES: Even more cool products

Senior Editor Jonathan Seff is back from Vegas. Here are a few of the other cool products he saw during the Consumer Electronics Show.

CES: Orb Networks introduces Orb BR

On Friday, Orb Networks announced Orb BR, software that lets you use your Internet-connected Blu-ray player to stream content from your computer to your TV.

Gear makers vie for attention from iPod, iPhone users at CES

Macworld's Dan Frakes and Jonathan Seff are in Las Vegas, keeping their eyes peeled for new gadgets and gear that appeal to iPhone and iPod users. At the show's Digital Experience press event, they found a number of speakers, headphones, and mobile accessories that deserve your attention.

HandBrake update adds new presets, goes Intel-only

DVD-lovers, start your engines! On Monday, the developers of the free, open-source video transcoder HandBrake released an update that’s small in number change but large in feature additions.

2010 in review: The year in entertainment

2010 brought us a totally revamped Apple TV, a new crop of iPods, iTunes 10, and much more. Here’s a quick wrap-up of some of the big events of the past 12 months in the world of Apple and entertainment.

Holiday shopping: Last-minute digital entertainment gifts

Just realized you forgot to buy holiday gifts for some of the people in your life, and there's no time to go to the store or have anything shipped without express delivery charges higher than the cost of the gift itself? Thankfully, the digital entertainment lovers on your last-minute list aren't out of luck.

Aperture 3.1.1 update squashes more bugs

On Thursday, Apple released an update to its Aperture photo software to fix a number of issues.