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Hello, and thanks for dropping in. I'm pleased to meet you. My name is Jonny Evans. I'm a freelancer who has been writing (mainly about Apple) since 1999. These days I write my daily Apple Holic blog at, where I try to deliver sometimes interesting, sometimes provocative insights into what Cupertino is doing. I try to write something worth reading.

With iPad, has Apple won the enterprise?

The release of a new iPad -- and the Apple's continued domination of the tablet market -- has's Jonny Evans thinking of a future where Apple is a player in the enterprise world.

Apple vs. Samsung: Behind the patent fight

Samsung took a step toward finding a kind of "pax tabletica" with arch-foe Apple in an Australian court last week, offering to remove features from its Galaxy...

iBeer developer sues Carling

The maker of iBeer is suing a brewery giant, claiming that its free iPhone application copies his $3 offering.

Jobs: ‘Blu-ray is a bag of hurt’

Apple has no immediate plans to deploy Blu-ray in its Macs, citing the cost of licensing as cause.

Jobs and Jagger attend EU online talks

Apple CEO Steve Jobs attended a session in Brussels where the EU’s competition commissioner said that music labels and technology firms needed to do a better job of serving customers throughout Europe.

iPhone raising bar for smartphone sales

The July release of the iPhone 3G helped drive stronger growth for smartphones in the third quarter, according to a new report from market-research firm Gartner.

Catching up with Nullriver and NetShare

Nullriver, makers of a tethering app that got pulled from Apple’s App Store, says it’s working with Apple to return NetShare to the store.

Apple opens Liverpool retail store July 26

Apple will open its latest retail store in the U.K. in the redeveloped Liverpool One complex this coming weekend.

O2: iPhone 3G orders reached 13,000 per second

O2 disclosed the high demand for the iPhone 3G in an e-mail apologizing to customers who tried to take advantage of the company’s advance upgrade deal earlier this week.

O2: Pay-as-you-go iPhone to arrive ‘later this year’

O2 will offer the iPhone 3G to pay-as-you-go customers in the U.K. "later this year."

Apple launches TV shows through iTunes Australia

Apple has made a stealthy service upgrade, introducing TV show downloads through iTunes in Australia.

O2 iPhone Wi-Fi includes BT OpenZone, The Cloud

O2 has multiplied the available Wi-Fi hotspots iPhone users in the U.K. can employ to get online.

iPhone spurs touch-screen sales growth

Apple's iPhone has spurred huge growth in touch-screen display shipments as competitors and consumers turn to similar...

O2 confirms new iPhone ‘in weeks’

O2 CEO Matthew Key confirmed that the cellular provider will make an iPhone-related announcement in conjunction with Apple “in the coming weeks.”

BBC sees strong sales through iTunes Store

The BBC is off to an incredibly strong start as it begins selling selected TV shows through iTunes in the U.S.