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Evers is a reporter for the IDG News Service.

Oracle pays $8M to settle suit over training charges

Oracle Corp. has paid US$8 million to settle charges that from 1997 through 2003 it fraudulently billed the federal government for training through the company's Oracle University program.

Massachusetts continues crackdown on spammers

In a continuing crackdown on senders of spam, the Attorney General of Massachusetts has sued seven individuals and two companies who allegedly formed a spam ring.

Yahoo undercuts rivals with new music service

Yahoo Inc. on Wednesday plans to launch a trial version of Yahoo Music Unlimited, a new, aggressively-priced online music subscription service.

Forgent sues Microsoft over JPEG patent

Forgent Networks Inc. has added Microsoft Corp. to the list of companies it has sued alleging infringement of a patent for a data compression technique it claims is used in the JPEG digital image standard.

Microsoft to show off new Xbox on May 12

Anyone who wants to learn more about the next Xbox console should tune in to MTV on May 12, Microsoft Corp. said Monday. The software maker and cable TV channel have struck a marketing deal to provide an early look at the highly anticipated video game console on MTV channels in the U.S., Asia Pacific and Europe during a 24-hour period, Microsoft said in a statement.

'N' to mark Windows without Media Player

Microsoft Corp. has agreed to tag an "N" to the name of the Windows XP versions without Windows Media Player that it was ordered to offer in Europe. The European Commission chose the names "Windows XP Home Edition N" and "Windows XP Professional Edition N" after rejecting Microsoft's first choice, "Windows XP Reduced Media Edition," as unappealing.

64-bit Windows client and server coming late April

Microsoft Corp. plans to release the delayed "x64" versions of Windows Server and Windows XP at the end of April, a company spokeswoman said Wednesday. General availability of the 64-bit products could be announced at Microsoft's annual Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC), scheduled to begin April 25 in Seattle. Microsoft will have 64-bit news at the event, the spokeswoman said.

Firefox gains market share at slower pace

After an initial surge in market share gains that followed the release of Firefox 1.0 in November, the pace at which the open-source Web browser is winning market share has slowed down, new research shows. At the same time, Microsoft Corp.'s dominant Internet Explorer (IE) browser has dipped below the 90 percent level in market share, according to two tracking surveys released on Monday. founder to start new music venture

Michael Robertson, the founder of and head of desktop Linux company Linspire Inc., on Thursday next week plans to launch a new music download company and service called MP3tunes.

Microsoft posts record Q2 revenue

Citing strength across its business, Microsoft Corp. on Thursday reported record revenue for its second fiscal quarter that beat its own guidance as well as Wall Street's expectations.

CES : Gates pitches Microsoft for 'digital lifestyle'

In his ninth keynote speech at the annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Bill Gates did not unveil any new Microsoft Corp. products, opting instead to promote the company's existing products and highlight partner offerings.

Thunderbird 1.0 takes on Entourage, Eudora

Weeks after the launch of its Firefox 1.0 Web browser, the Mozilla Foundation on Tuesday is set to release version 1.0 of its Thunderbird e-mail client.

Firefox lights up Web browser world

Firefox 1.0 appears to have sparked new activity in the Web browser market. The recent release of the open-source Web browser by the Mozilla Foundation prompted Microsoft Corp. to break the silence about Internet Explorer (IE) and America Online Inc. (AOL) is breathing more life into the Netscape brand with a preview of a new Firefox-based browser scheduled to be unveiled on Nov. 30.

Adobe aims at workgroups with Acrobat 7

Adobe Systems Inc. by the end of the year will release version 7.0 of its Acrobat products, including a new free Acrobat Reader that now includes reviewing capabilities, the company announced Monday. With the updates, San Jose, Calif.-based Adobe is underscoring its focus on workgroups and document management. The client products all tie in to the company's Intelligent Document Platform, a set of elements Adobe wants to use to make PDF (Portable Document Format) with XML (Extensible Markup Language) additions a common way to get data in and out of enterprise systems.

Google plugs hole exposing Gmail mailboxes

Google Inc. has fixed a security flaw in its Gmail Web-based e-mail service that allowed attackers to hijack users' e-mail accounts.