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Juan Carlos Perez covers e-commerce, Google, Web application development, and cloud applications for the IDG News Service, and is based in Miami.

Google to merge Checkout with Wallet

Google is merging its Checkout and Wallet electronic payment services.

New Skype beta supports Facebook video calls

A new Skype beta allows Facebook to Facebook video calls.

Google Music goes live in U.S. with Google+ integration

Google Music, the company's cloud-based online music service, is now available to all users in the U.S. and includes song and album sales, as well as an integration with the Google+ social networking site.

Google adds 24-7 phone support for all Apps business customers

Addressing a major source of complaints with its Apps suite, Google has announced that it will now offer around-the-clock phone support for the core components in the Apps for Business version of the hosted collaboration and communication suite.

Google buys Katango to boost Google+ Circles feature

Google has acquired startup Katango to improve and refine the Circles friend-grouping functionality in its new social networking site Google+.

Zuckerberg: Google building "their own little version of Facebook"

In a TV interview, Mark Zuckerberg described Google's new social networking site as "their own little version of Facebook."

Yahoo finally ships Livestand iPad app

Yahoo Wednesday launched several applications for the iPad, including Livestand, a "digital newsstand" it announced in February that was supposed to ship in the...

Google moves Reader sharing to Plus, despite complaints

With its upgrade of Google Reader on Monday, Google has shut down the native social content-sharing features of the popular RSS feed manager, shifting them to Google+.

Facebook shuts down Beluga messaging app

Facebook plans to shut down the Beluga mobile messaging application it acquired earlier this year, after launching a similar, native service called Facebook Messenger.

YouTube to boost original, professional programming

YouTube will start rolling out next month a set of new channels with original programs next month, as the video site beefs up its offering of exclusive, professionally-produced content.

Google TV gets updated with simpler interface, app dev tools

Google TV, the company's platform for Internet-connected televisions, has gotten an upgrade designed to simplify its user interface, improve its search engine, optimize YouTube access, and open it for Android app developers.

Users can now replace Blogger profile with Google+ profile

In the first integration between the Google+ social networking site and the Blogger blog publishing platform, users will be able to replace their Blogger profiles with their Google+ profiles.

FTC approves Google Buzz settlement

The Federal Trade Commission voted unanimously to approve an agreement that settles a privacy-violation complaint the agency leveled against Google over its Buzz microblogging and social networking service

Ballmer feels lucky Microsoft didn't buy Yahoo in 2008

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer feels intensely fortunate that his company's $44 billion bid for Yahoo back in 2008 never materialized.

Sean Parker: Google+ unlikely to topple Facebook

Napster founder Sean Parker told an Internet conference that Google would have to deliver a steady stream of innovations and Facebook would need to let its site deteriorate in order for Google+ to become the top social networking service.