LG Electronics W2353V-PF

This well-rounded display showed nice image quality in our tests, and includes a handy auto-adjust button that controls brightness in dim conditions.

Samsung SyncMaster 2233SW

This reasonably priced LCD makes up for its no-frills feature set with solid image quality.

Dell ST2310

LCD lacks extra features, but delivers solid image quality.

ViewSonic VG2427wm

The VG 2427wm is a good choice for users who need a big screen for text-intensive work.

HP 2009m

HP’s 2009m is an affordable 20-inch widescreen display that produced impressive image quality in our subjective tests.

Dell G2210

Dell has tapped into the current focus on the economy and the environment by producing the G2210, a 22-inch monitor designed for both the wallet- and green-conscious.

HP LP2275w

When it comes to readable documents and vivid images, the HP LP2275w offers a no-frills display that's a good choice for users seeking a widescreen monitor that delivers the best of both worlds.