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Macworld U.K. editor since 2008, Karen has worked on both sides of the Apple divide, clocking up a number of years at Apple's PR agency prior to joining Macworld U.K. Career highlights include launching the iPod and OS X while on the PR side, and honing news hound instincts while observing the astronomical rise of Apple following the Intel switch and the launch of the iPhone.

Developer: Apple's iAd solution is expensive and ineffective

Having spent $1,251.75 on the campaign, developer David Smith calculates that his company paid $15 for each of the 84 downloads of the 99 cent Audiobooks app.

UK resellers celebrate high sales on iPad launch day

UK resellers reflect on the first day's iPad sales.

Bento sees 200,000 downloads from its Template Exchange

Apple subsidiary Filemaker has seen more than 200,000 templates downloaded from the Bento Template Exchange.

Man treats Haiti earthquake wounds using iPhone app

A man used the Pocket First Aid & CPR app on his iPhone to perform first aid on himself following the Haiti earthquake.

Report: iPhone factory workers go on strike

Two thousand workers at the factory where Apple's iPhone is built went on strike last week.

JBL Reference 430

JBL's Reference 430 headphones are more flashy than fabulous.

In UK, O2 to hobble free iPhone internet tethering

O2 says it will disconnect iPhone owners who use the new internet tethering feature in the iPhone 3.0 update without signing up for its bolt-on service.

London queues for first iPhone 3G S sales

Crowds aren't matching those for last year's iPhone 3G launch, but iPhone fans were still up bright and early Friday in the UK, joining queues outside O2 shops and the Apple Stores.

Macworld UK: Recapping Apple Expo

Macworld UK's Karen Haslam looks back at the product news coming out of last week's Apple Expo in Paris.

iPhone in the UK: Apple, O2 take on iPhone questions

After announcing a November 9 release date for the iPhone in the U.K., Apple CEO Steve Jobs and O2 CEO Matthew Key fielded questions about the pricing and features of the mobile device.

Opinion: Thoughts on the iPhone's UK arrival

Macworld UK editors Mark Hattersley and Karen Haslam share their impressions after Tuesday's iPhone announcement in London.

Apple Computer wins in Apple v. Apple case

Apple Computer Inc. has prevailed in its case regarding logo use in iTunes against Apple Corps.