JotNot for iPhone

This app, which tries to act like a pocket-sized digital copy machine, does a decent job of making scraps of information more legible and easier to store for future reference. But quality can vary widely.

Put Things Off for iPhone

If you value more powerful task management features, then Put Things Off will offer you very little. But if the complexity of many current task managers leaves you feeling overwhelmed, Put Things Off is an enjoyable way to manage things.

C25K for iPhone

Not every runner will find value in this workout guide for running a complete 5K. But new runners who would rather focus on the run instead of their watches will get something out of C25K and its minimalist approach.

Email 'n Walk for iPhone

This app, which uses the iPhone's camera to let you see what's in front of you as you walk and type e-mails, is a fun program for writing short messages. But it's somewhat limited and is no substitute for common sense.

ArXiview for iPhone

Researchers are likely familiar with, an open-access digital repository for preprint scientific articles. Dave Bacon's arXiview for iPhone lets you search for, browse, and save those articles when you're on the go.

Delicious for iPhone

Delicious offers to help you organize and sort through your bookmarks on the social bookmarking site. But some flaws make that task frustrating. iPhone users should pass until some badly needed updates are in place.

Knit Buddy for iPhone

This app is a promising mobile offering for absentminded crafters who want to keep track of yarn stashes, needles and hooks, and open projects.

VegOut for iPhone

Vegetarians and vegans looking for meat-free menus when they're on the road should consider this restaurant-finder, which leverages the iPhone's location features.

Thesaurus apps for iPhone

We look at three mobile thesaurus apps for the iPhone and iPod touch that take different approaches to helping you find synonyms, antonyms, and related words.

Gel Swatch Library for iPhone

Gel Swatch Library won't cause any designers to throw out their swatch books which contain lighting gel samples. But the app does put a helpful tool in their hands and could be a valuable reference with a few improvements.

Inquisitor for iPhone

Thanks to its fast search results, Inquisitor is a must-have if you want to look up information quickly with your iPhone or iPod touch.

Organizer for iPhone

Some powerful editing features—cut and paste among them—make Organizer worth a look for any iPhone or iPod touch owner who misses the day planners of old.

Diary for iPhone

Elegant and lovely to look at, this journal app is off to a good start. But Diary needs more flexibility if it hopes to persuade diarists to abandon their pens and journals in favor of the iPhone.

Feeds for iPhone

This RSS reader is dedicated to choices—every individual user can decide how Feeds looks and how it works. While that clutters the application, it also means Feeds can fit almost seamlessly into your existing reading habits.

A Personal Assistant Premium for iPhone

A Personal Assistant Premium attempts to simplify the task of monitoring your digital life by collecting and displaying account information from a variety of services. It’s a helpful app, though not nearly as powerful as it could be, because of some significant design quirks.