Apple releases iPhoto 8.1 update

The update to iPhoto '09 offers new book and card templates, including a larger hard cover size.

Casio announces new compact cameras

The EX-Z450 and EX-Z90 offer Intelligent AF for improved exposures.

Adobe bids farewell to PowerPC users

In a newly published FAQ, Adobe announces they will no longer develop software for PowerPC Macs.

Introducing Macworld’s Digital Photography Superguide, third edition

Wish you had the time for photography classes? Get our new guide to shooting, managing, editing, and printing your photos--written by Mac users for Mac users.

Nikon Coolpix S1000pj camera doubles as a projector

Nikon’s compact point-and-shoot camera includes a built-in projector for showing off slide shows and videos.

Nikon announces D300s and D3000 SLRs

Nikon today unveiled the two newest additions to its digital SLR lineup: the budget-friendly D3000 and the video-capable D300s.

Olympus adds four compact cameras to its lineup

New compact digital cameras focus on ease of use and creative freedom.

Vivozoom guarantees stock photos

A new low-cost stock-photography site promises to protect you from legal challenges.

Slideshow: WWDC keynote highlights

The big news from Apple's WWDC keynote address is out. Faster MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs at lower prices, an announced September release for Snow Leopard, iPhone 3.0 worldwide release on June 17, and an all-new iPhone called the 3G S.

7 Surprising uses for the iPhone’s camera

Whether you're tracking down the perfect birthday gift or a favorite font, these third-party apps and tips will help you turn your iPhone's camera into a personal assistant.

The multitasking camera

When you need to quickly capture a small tidbit of information—like an address, phone number or price—the best note taker is usually just a click away if you’re carrying an iPhone.

Expo creative tools: Pretty prints and stock audio clips

Two things that caught Kelly Turner’s eye during this week’s Macworld Expo:’s Press series for printing photo books, calendars, and cards on beautiful papers, and’s plans to bring audio clips to its stock image and video site.

Review: Yelp for iPhone

Some Yelp fans may be disappointed by the limitations of this mobile version for the popular business directory site. But the Yelp iPhone applications offers a useful and easy way to find nearby businesses.

Air out your bookmarks

Feeling bored by your usual stops on the Internet? Perhaps it’s time for some fresh inspiration. Senior Editor Kelly Turner proposes a bookmark exchange: we’ll share some of our favorite sites in exchange for yours.


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