Review: Mobile Fotos for iPhone

If you enjoy exploring photos from the larger Flickr community and don’t mind how many steps it takes you to get there, Mobile Fotos may prove satisfying. But the current version is plagued by a serious uploading flaw.

iP2F 1.0.3

This iPhoto plug-in for Flickr lets you set titles, tags and image descriptions for photos, assign them to photo sets or to Flickr pools, and quickly scale an entire batch of images to speed the upload process.

Review: Comic Touch for iPhone

Lots of nice touches and a good dose of humor help make Comic Touch a fun addition to your iPhone collection. However, you’ll need patience to figure out of all of the photo editor’s tricks.

Review: Urbanspoon for iPhone and iPod touch

Urbanspoon is a great idea for adventurous diners and a lot of fun to play with. But the iPhone app suffers from a few flaws in its first incarnation.

Bracketeer 3.2.4

Bracketeer takes advantage of the command-line utility Enfuse which, like Photoshop’s Merge to HDR command, merges bracketed exposures into a single image that’s much closer to what your eye sees.

Review: Exposure for iPhone

Exposure puts Flickr at your fingertips with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to not just show off your own photos, but also to explore the latest snapshots from your friends and the larger Flickr community.

Confessions of a former e-mail packrat

After years of living in denial with a hopelessly cluttered e-mail inbox, one Macworld editor finally changes her ways and takes control of her inbox.

Master your image library

Much of the attention for iPhoto ’08 has focused on the new Events pane, which organizes your photos based on when they were taken. But Apple’s newest photo manager has many more tricks up its sleeve.

Hydra: low-cost HDR image builder

Creaceed’s Hydra is a low-cost (Leopard-only) utility designed to build high dynamic range (HDR) images without requiring Photoshop.

Expo Notes: Kids can get creative with Doozla

The $25 drawing program from Plasq offers coloring, freestyle drawing, and other options for the young Mac artist in your life to follow their muse.

Expo Notes: Chill out with Serene Saver

The $30 Serene Saver 2HD places calming video loops on your OS X Desktop.

Expo Notes: Everything old is new again for Software MacKiev

The software developer with a knack for breathing life into aging or abandoned software has two new makeovers on display at Expo: Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing and HyperStudio.

Expo Notes: Make a smooth move to the iPhone

Nova Media's Fone2Phone offers an alternative to OS X's built-in syncing tools when it comes to moving information from your old smartphone to an iPhone.

Expo Notes: Wi-Fi memory card adds iPhoto support

Makers of the Eye-Fi card—a memory card that wirelessly downloads photos from your digital camera—plan to add support for putting those photos in your Mac's iPhoto library.

Your photo here

A print isn’t the only way to show off your photographic endeavors. Whereas photo-based gifts were once limited to mouse pads and mugs, now you can customize far more interesting objects with your favorite pictures.