Digital Photo extras

Kelly Turner offers a grab bag of gift items for digital photo enthusiasts.

Inside Leopard: iChat, Mail, and others

OS X updates don't just add new programs; they also update the existing apps with new features and enhancements. Leopard is no exception, adding across-the-board changes to iChat, Mail, and other applications.

Apple's September 5 event in pictures

Every Mac fan should get the chance to attend a Steve Jobs presentation in person. But if you couldn't be there Wednesday, Kelly Turner offers the next best thing -- a gallery of photos from the Moscone West event.

Desk Doctor 1.3.1

If your doctor recommends that you take regular breaks and perform stretches at work, Desk Doctor offers an interesting mix of exercises, nice production values, and useful feedback about your risk level.

Bag-maker Lowepro turns 40

At the PMA digital photography show, Kelly Turner stops by the Lowepro booth and gets her hands on the Primus AW, an all-weather camera backpack for professional photographers.

PMA: Photographing your imagination

From the PMA digital-photography show, Kelly Turner finds a photographic service that can deposit one of your portraits into the digital scenery of your choice.

PMA: Keep an eye on your sensor

Kelly Turner's latest find at the PMA digital photography trade show is the SensorScope, a lens from Delkin that helps you discover just how dirty the sensor of your digital SLR is.

PMA: Your life in HD

From the PMA digital photography trade show in Las Vegas, Kelly Turer learns that high definition is on a lot of camera makers' minds.

Share your clutter-cutting tips

Kelly Turner's inbox is jammed with 37,000 messages. So you can imagine she'd be interested in hearing how Macworld readers manage files, e-mail, snippets, and other electronic clutter.

Affordable SLRs

Historically the exclusive turf of professionals and serious hobbyists, digital SLRs are fast becoming viable options for casual photographers who want to get deeper into digital photography. At the same time, point-and-shoot cameras are getting smarter.

Spider sense

Thanks to keyboard shortcuts, Kelly Turner uses her control key on her Apple keyboard so rarely that an eight-legged critter wound up taking refuge there.

First Look: Leopard first looks: Mail 3

When Leopard ships next spring, the changes to OS X's built-in e-mail client will include customized stationery, a built-in Notes feature, and iCal integration.

Best Flickr groups for Mac users

As part of our "Hotter Stuff" feature, Kelly Turner finds five great Mac-themed groups on the Flickr online photo-sharing service.

Four cameras, four accessories

Not too long ago, a 4-megapixel camera was considered pretty hot stuff. These days, even basic point-and–shoots pack a whopping 6 megapixels. Drooling yet? Take a look at some of the newest cameras shaking up the photography world.

PMA Notebook: The new front line

Until recently, the decision of which digital camera to buy largely came down to just two factors: megapixels and price. But walking around this week’s PMA convention, it’s clear that the megapixel race has pretty much run its course.