PMA Notebook: Color for the rest of us

For people who are getting their feet wet with color issues and who aren’t willing to invest in a more full-featured calibrator, Huey may be just what they need to finally hop on the color-calibration bandwagon.

PMA Notebook: Your photo here

You can't walk too far at PMA without stumbling into someone offering to plaster your face on a mug, keychain, pen, blanket, or anything else they happen to have close at hand. Kelly Turner looks at some of the more interesting offerings.

PMA Notebook: Nikon previews image-editing app

Nikon is at this week's PMA show to preview its upcoming Capture NX software, a release in the grand tradition of Lightroom and Aperture that's aimed at giving photographers a unified editing environment.

PMA Notebook: Another tripod alternative

Another day walking the PMA show floor means another discovery of a photo accessory that secures your digital camera.

PMA Notebook: Keeping dry

Rain, rain go away? With a durable camera and a handy accessory that Kelly Turner found at PMA, you'll never fear rainy days again.

PMA Notebook: Stuck on you

There's something about seeing a digital camera stuck to the business end of a golf club that catches your attention. It certainly caught Kelly Turner's attention at the PMA trade show.

First Look: iPhoto 6

iPhoto 6, the latest update to Apple's consumer-level photo management and editing software, may not have as many revolutionary new features as past versions. But almost all of its additions make the process of working with your photos more enjoyable. Kelly Turner tells you what to expect from the latest version of iPhoto.

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