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Ken Gagne, a former editor for Computerworld, covers gaming, crowdfunding, and retrocomputing. You can see him on the YouTube channel Gamebits and hear him as co-host of the Open Apple podcast. Learn more about him at

Kickstarter and the future of creative crowdfunding

Kickstarter offers a venue for creative entrepreneurs and small manufacturers to create innovative products that may not have otherwise seen funding. Here's a look at what makes the service so successful, and where it might go in the future.

Apple I goes for $213K in Christie's auction

Christie's auction house in London today sold an Apple-1 computer for $213,600 to an unidentified bidder.

Taking a mad-scientist approach to game console design

From the Apple //c to the MacBook Air, each generation of computers seems to grow smaller and more portable than the last.

Sold on eBay: New-in-box Apple II, never opened

Memories of your first computer can be priceless.