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Ken Mingis is Managing Editor, News at Computerworld and oversees the day-to-day operation of and strategic planning for our news team. He also oversees our coverage of Apple.

Computerworld: Leopard hits and misses

Computerworld looks at what Apple got right and wrong with OS X 10.5.

Opinion: A Mac fan takes on Vista

A long time Mac user finds many superficial similarities between Microsoft's Vista and Mac OS X, but is less impressed with what lies underneath.

Embrace of Windows buffs up Mac's appeal for IT

Apple’s Boot Camp will make it easier to deploy Macs.

Computerworld: Running Windows on a Mac

From Computerworld, here are some answers to common questions about Boot Camp, the Apple software that allows you to boot into Windows XP on an Intel-based Mac.

Blackberry maker settles patent fight with $612M payment

RIM has announced that it has agreed to pay $612.5 million to NTP Inc. to settle the long-running legal fight between the two companies.

Computerworld: Hands-on with the Intel iMac

What are other people saying about the iMac Core Duo? Ken Mingis of Computerworld takes the first Intel-based Mac out for a test spin and talks to Apple’s senior director for desktop product marketing, Tim Boger.

Review: Apple's 15-in PowerBook adds value

Computerworld's Ken Mingis offers his perspective on Apple's recently-refreshed 15-inch PowerBook G4 model, looking back at the system that preceded it and comparing the 15-inch system to other PowerBooks in Apple's lineup.

Mac Mini to max

Sitting here on my desk is the Mac Mini Apple sent several weeks ago for review purposes. It's not plugged into anything else Apple-made, and it's humming along just fine. Actually humming isn't quite right; it's silent in day-to-day use.

First take: The 30-inch Apple Cinema Display

A few years back, Apple Computer Inc. touted its hardware and software with the marketing slogan "Think Different." After using the company's latest, greatest and largest Apple Cinema Display (ACD) for the past few weeks, I've come to wonder if maybe that ad campaign has morphed into "Think Big."