With Gatekeeper, Apple promotes safe computing

The argument's long been that Macs are safer than Windows PCs because malfeasants choose to target the larger pool of potential victims. But that doesn't explain why iOS is safer than Android. Apple's continued focus on security does.

Apple can share my location data -- on my terms

Writing for Computerworld, information security expert Kenneth van Wyk says that companies like Apple need to be more open and provide their users with choices.

Is Apple finally getting serious about security?

Kenneth van Wyk doesn't think much of iOS security, but a couple of Apple's recent moves have made him hopeful that the company is finally trying to get it right.

The iPad is the future for home computing

Techies may despise the lack of choice in a locked-down device like the iPad, but for the average consumer, Computerworld's Kenneth van Wyk contends, "lack of choice" translates as "simplicity."