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Senior contributor Kirk McElhearn (@mcelhearn) writes The Ask the iTunes Guy column and writes about Macs, music and more on his blog Kirkville. He also runs Kirk's iTunes Forum, where users can discuss iTunes, iOS devices, music, and more. Kirk is the author of Take Control of iTunes 12: The FAQ.

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The iTunes Store and Apple IDs

In this week’s Ask the iTunes Guy column, we look at a number of questions related to the iTunes Store and Apple IDs, and one question about a problem with iTunes launching at startup.

How to use transcription with Dragon Dictate 3 for Mac

Kirk McElhearn takes a close look at how the new transcription feature works in Dragon Dictate.

Apple and the incredible vanishing CD drive

With the latest iMac and Retina MacBook Pro models, Apple is slowly killing off the optical drive on Macs. What does it mean for music and movie fans?

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File formats, file editing, and podcasts

This week Kirk looks at a number of questions about splitting audio files, which file format to use for ripping CDs, and updating podcasts, as well as share a tip for live performers who use music in their iTunes libraries.

Eight ways to connect to a server

Most of us have to connect to a server every day to access files and to share them with others. But do you know the quickest and most convenient way? Kirk McElhearn walks through eight options for performing this critical task.

Mac Gems: Write 2 offers advanced word-processing features, minimalist interface

Write 2 can't do quite as much as Microsoft Word, but most users will find Write 2 to meet all of their word-processing needs while maintaining an easy-to-use, minimalist interface.

How to share documents with iCloud

Apple's iCloud service brings the dream of anytime, anywhere access to documents that much closer to reality. But the service also has limitations. Here's how to work around them.

Best ways to listen to podcasts in iOS 6

Enjoying podcasts in iOS 6 can be tricky. Kirk McElhearn explains how to best use (or not use, in some cases) Apple's Podcasts app.

More iTunes 101

The iTunes Guy answers questions about tagging songs by year, moving an iTunes library, making playlists from folders, and more.

The hidden powers of Mountain Lion's Preview

Tucked inside this seemly simple program for viewing and manipulating PDF and image files are tons of advanced features. Here’s an overview of the recent additions to Preview that you may not know about.

Review: Dragon Dictate 3 sharpens speech recognition, learns transcription

The latest version of Nuance's speech recognition program for Mac features a new transcription feature that users have been waiting for.

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More iTunes Store questions

The iTunes Guy answers questions about iTunes Store accounts, Apple IDs, and managing artist alerts.

Mac Gems: Fission 2 is a powerful but easy-to-use audio editor

If you're an audio pro, you've surely got multiple programs with powerful audio-editing features (and, likely, steep learning curves). For the rest of us, Fission makes it easy to perform the most common kinds of audio-file edits, including trimming songs, splicing tracks, editing voice recordings, fading tracks in or out, and creating ringtones.

Ask the iTunes Guy: Manipulating files

The iTunes Guy answers questions about importing and converting audio.

Create reminders when you aren't in Reminders

It's annoying that Mountain Lion has no built-in way to create new reminders without launching the Reminders app. But you can set up that capability yourself, with an Automator workflow and a keyboard shortcut