Kirk McElhearnSenior Contributor, Macworld

Senior contributor Kirk McElhearn (@mcelhearn) writes The Ask the iTunes Guy column and writes about Macs, music and more on his blog Kirkville. He's also the author of Take Control of iTunes 11: The FAQ.

Four ways to make the Dock more powerful

Are you taking advantage of all the Dock can do? Kirk McElhearn reveals four ways to use it to quickly access files and folders.

Organize your writing in Scrivener

In this book excerpt, Kirk McElhearn discusses how to use the Scrivener writing program to organize your writing.

How to add lyrics to your iTunes tracks

Music and lyric--there's a reason you hear those two items discussed together, because they are equally important parts in the composition of a song. Kirk McElhearn shows you how to add lyrics to your music tracks.

How to convert audio to other formats

Audio files come in a number of different formats, and there are times you might want to convert audio from one format to another. Kirk McElhearn explains how it's done.

10 ways to use iTunes contextual menus

Many iTunes users not only don't realize how powerful the program's contextual menu is, but also may not even know it's there. Here are some cool things you can do with iTunes' contextual menu.

Five essential Mail rules

Overwhelmed by e-mail? Five essential Apple Mail rules can help you take control of your inbox. Learn how Mail can automatically forward, file, and highlight special messages and even trigger an alarm when certain correspondents write.

Stream classical music from Naxos Music Library

Most streaming music services take a generalist approach, offering a variety of genres, and tend to lean toward popular music. But there's another streaming service, which has been quietly offering huge quantities of classic music for several years: the Naxos Music Library. Kirk McElhearn takes a look at the service.

How to create custom toolbars for Microsoft Word 2011

You can make Word 2011's toolbars contain the commands you really use, some of which may be deeply buried in menus. Here’s how to customize your Word 2011 toolbars to fit the way you work.

How to extract media files from your iPod or iOS device

It's always a good idea to back up your iTunes library. But if disaster does strike, you may not be completely out of luck -- assuming you've synced a good portion of your library to an iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

Six ways to clean up your Mac

It's spring again, and with the new season comes the age-old ritual of cleaning out things you ignored for most of the year. If you're like most of us, this includes your Mac.

How to use Home Sharing on your iOS 4.3 device

Introduced in iTunes 9, Home Sharing was initially designed to allow you to share music and copy files between iTunes on different computers over a local network. But with iOS 4.3 and iTunes 10.2, you can now use Home Sharing on iOS devices as well. Here's how it works.

Nine ways to transfer files from one Mac to another

If you have two Macs—for instance, a desktop and a laptop—you may often find yourself transferring files between them. You might also need to send files to friends or colleagues, and, in some cases, file size could make this difficult. Here are nine ways to get a file from here to there.

Bowtie 1.3.1

If you want a simple, free tool to control iTunes playback, Bowtie will do the trick.

The biggest music download ever?

UK-based classical label Hyperion Records has released what may be the biggest music download ever. The Complete Piano Music, by Franz Liszt, a digital version of a 99-CD box set, is now available, in both MP3 and lossless FLAC formats.

DropCopy 1.6.8

If you want an easy way to transfer files across your local network, DropCopy makes it drag-and-drop simple.