DVD burners buying guide

If you have a Mac with a Combo drive (CD burner that can read but not write to DVD) or a single-layer DVD burner, buying an external DVD drive is an affordable and attractive upgrade.

Google Picasa 3.5

When it comes to organizing, editing, and sharing photos, most Mac users know iPhoto. But Google offers Picasa, a free photo editing and sharing app that rivals iPhoto ‘09.

Cooliris helps showcase photos and videos

Cooliris is a super-handy browser plug-in that lets you scope out images and video content in a unique way, displaying everything in a full-screen, horizontally expanded, interactive 3-D “wall” view.

Tangerine creates iTunes playlists based on tempo

When you want to create iTunes playlists based on tempo or need to find the BPM of your songs, Tangerine makes the process incredibly fast and easy.

PulpMotion creates professional multimedia presentations

Aquafadas’s PulpMotion produces professional multimedia presentations that are anything but ordinary.

Shape Collage turns a collection of photos into creative collages

Shape Collage turns a collection of photos into a collage of practically any shape, whether you’re going for a traditional design or something totally out there.

iLovePhotos uses face detection to sort photos

You’ve probably heard about the Faces feature in iPhoto ‘09 that makes it quick and easy to find all photos of a particular someone in your iPhoto library. But if you don’t have iPhoto ‘09, iLovePhotos can give you a similar result for free.

ViewIt helps sort your camera's photos

With ViewIt, you can simply drop your camera’s photos onto the ViewIt window, view and mark what’s good with just a key press, and copy only those images to your Mac.

Sumo Paint: Photoshop-like Web-based image editor

For image editing, Sumo Paint offers many Photoshop standbys. And best of all, this Web-based application is free.

Klix recovers deleted photos and movies from memory cards

Whether you’ve deleted photos, reformatted your media card, or had a card go bad, Klix recovers photos and movie files despite the vacuous state your media card appears to be in.

Turn your iPod or iPhone into a portable drive

Whether you use your iPod or iPhone for entertainment, communication, or to amplify your cool quotient, all models share one thing in common: they can function as portable storage devices.

Network-attached storage buying guide

Network-attached storage (NAS) makes it easy to add file servers to your network.

Desktop RAID buying guide

If you have heavy-duty storage needs, a RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is the most cost-effective, mind-easing solution.

Portable hard drives buying guide 2009

A portable hard drive allows you to carry a large amount of data without you, in a device that can easily fit in a bag, backpack, briefcase, or pocket.

Internal hard drives buying guide

With a little bit of handiwork, you can upgrade the hard drive that came with your Mac. Here's what to look for when buying a new internal hard drive.