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How LinkedIn's three newest features can work for you

LinkedIn launches two-step verification, a redesigned 'Who's Viewed Your Profile' and adds the capability to upload photos, video and documents to your status updates. Here's what you need to know about the changes.


How to turn off LinkedIn Endorsements

If your connections are endorsing you for skills you dont want to be known for (or dont have), removing the feature from your LinkedIn profile is easy. Here's how to do it.


Four Facebook privacy settings for the new year

Facebook's privacy settings are a pain point for many users: From the chaos it's caused after a privacy breach to the confusing settings after the launch of Timeline in 2011, securing your data and understanding who can see which parts of your profile have never been easy.



How to ensure Facebook posts you want to see aren't hidden

A change to Facebook's algorithm means you're probably not seeing posts from businesses and brand pages you've liked. Here are step-by-step instructions for changing these settings.


How to block annoying political posts on Facebook

Tired of the political flame wars that pop up in your Facebook News Feed? Here's a Google Chrome extension that deletes them from sight.

Five hidden Gmail tricks for power users

Whether you use Google's Gmail service at work or for personal purposes, you probably have a good handle on the basics: organizing your contacts, sending emails...

Five LinkedIn features you may not (but should) know about

If you're job hunting or looking to expand your professional network, many people turn to LinkedIn and its portfolio of features and tools.

Should you upgrade to a paid LinkedIn account?

If you're in the market for a new job, you've probably been spending more time on LinkedIn updating your profile and expanding your network. The service has three paid tiers; are they worth it?

Four answers to common Facebook Timeline questions

As Facebook switches another wave of resistant users over to Timeline, CIO's Kristin Burnham has been hit with a few common questions. If you've recently switched to Timeline, or are still resisting the change, here are answers to four of the more common questions she's gotten.

Getting started with the new Facebook Business Pages

Several months after Facebook first started rolling out Timeline to the public, the social network has formally announced Timeline's expansion to brand- and business-focused pages.

Your complete guide to Facebook Timeline

Facebook's Timeline feature will soon be mandatory for all users. Here's how to make the switch to Timeline, with tips on adjusting your privacy settings.


Four Facebook tips to cut News Feed noise

CIO's Kristin Burnham offers four ways you can tweak your Facebook settings to cut down on News Feed junk and make that feature more productive for you.


Control what you share on Facebook Timeline

Facebook launched the next stage of its Open Graph and Timeline on Wednesday, offering more than 60 new third-party applications. Here's a look at the settings that are available for these new apps and how to adjust them.

Four Google social search tips for control and privacy

Google sparked controversy on Tuesday with the announcement of a major search update that includes content from its budding social network.

Five Facebook Timeline changes you can't wait to make

Facebook's new Timeline feature gives you seven days to make changes to your profile before it's pushed live. Here's a look at five things you can do -- from aesthetics to removing content -- in those seven days to get your profile ready for primetime.