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Four Facebook security tips to stay safe in 2012

Facebook users need to take extra precautions and exercise better judgment to ensure their accounts -- and their personal information -- stay safe. Here are four ways to do so.


Facebook Privacy: How the FTC settlement affects you

In the wake of a settlement between the FTC and Facebook over the latter's privacy policies, users of the social networking site should get ready for more changes in the way Facebook operates.

Block annoying app and event invites on Facebook

Tired of receiving invitations from your Facebook friends to play Mafia Wars or attend an event halfway across the world? Here's an easy way to selectively block these pesky alerts.

Facebook Timeline: Important privacy settings to adjust now

With Facebook's new Timeline feature, every status update, wall post and photo ever posted since the day you joined Facebook becomes easily searchable to you and your friends. But there are ways to tweak your settings to control who sees what.

Facebook tip: Restore your email notification settings

Lost amid the uproar over other recent changes to its social networking service, Facebook has started testing a new feature that overrides all your original email notification settings. Want your old email notifications back in place? Here's how to do it, according to CIO's Kristin Burnham.

What you need to know about Facebook's redesigned news feed

Continuing its streak of product launches and modifications, Facebook yesterday rolled out even more changes to its interface, which include an updated News Feed and an activity ticker. CIO's Kristin Burnham looks at what you need to know about the new News Feed and ticker, how best to navigate them and whether the new changes influence your current privacy settings.

Five things to know about Facebook's new friend lists

Facebook has a new feature for automatically grouping friends into lists such as work, school, and family. CIO's Kristin Burnham goes over five important facts you need to know about the new friend lists before you get started.