Inspire Pro—Paint, Draw and Sketch

If you come from a traditional painting background, but are new to iPad art, this app’s simple workflow might be just what you are looking for.

Simulating traditional painting with the iPad

Digital art doesn't have to look sterile and cold. Digital artist Kyle Lambert shows us how to create a painting that looks like it was made the old-fashioned way.

Painting a portrait with the iPad

Unlike landscapes and objects, painting a portrait is a personal act. Digital artist Kyle Lambert shows us how to get started on a portrait using either a live model or a photo.

Create comic art with the iPad

Digital artist Kyle Lambert walks us through a potential workflow for creating comic artwork on the iPad.

Slideshow: How to export iPad artwork

Thinking of using your iPad to create artwork for printing or sharing with friends or clients? Digital artist Kyle Lambert walks us through the export options available to you.

Slideshow: How to create your first iPad work of art

Digital artist Kyle Lambert helps you get started with your first work of art on the iPad.

Understanding blend modes in iPad art

Digital artist Kyle Lambert walks us through some of the most commonly used layer blend modes and explains when and how to use them in iPad painting apps.

How to use layers in iPad art

One of the most fundamental concepts of creating digital art is working with layers. Kyle Lambert gives us the lowdown on how to use layers to enhance your creations.

How to mix colors for iPad artwork

Artist Kyle Lambert demonstrates some techniques for mixing digital colors on the iPad.

Understanding iPad art paintbrush settings

Digital artist Kyle Lambert demonstrates some essential principles of setting up brushes for painting on the iPad.

Choosing an iPad app for your artwork

Apple's iPad is a powerful and versatile creation tool that allows artists to use their tablets as portable art studios. Here's a rundown of some of the best art apps available for the iPad today.