Lauren CrabbeMacworld

Lauren Crabbe is a former Macworld intern and current freelance technology writer specializing in photography applications for iOS and Mac.

How to take pan motion photos

The pan-motion photography technique makes your moving subject look sharp against a blurred background.

Samurai BloodShow leads trio of Sega iOS releases

Macworld got to play with Sega's latest games for the iOS—Samurai Blood Show, Brick People and Sega Bass Fishing Challenge.

Apple issues updates for Boot Camp, iMac graphics firmware

Apple on Wednesday released updates to fix issues in Lion with Boot Camp and with certain iMacs' graphics cards.

Kempton and Darrow Rough Night Deceiver laptop bag

Kempton and Darrow's Rough Night Deceiver is pricey, and by taking the place of a large purse and a laptop bag, it can be bulky. But if you're a laptop-toting fashionista with some cash to spare, it will protect your laptop while holding more stuff than you know what to do with.

Words With Friends to take on your Facebook friends

Zynga is bringing the popular iOS and Android word game to Facebook.