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Analysis: Intel news hints at future Apple products

At its Developer Forum in San Francisco last week, Intel gave its PC industry customers and partners a detailed look at its upcoming roadmap and new technologies. And several of Intel's announcements have implications for Apple's hardware offerings.

Analysis: Inside Core Duo

You've heard all about the new Intel-based iMac and MacBook Pro. But what about the dual-core processor that powers these latest models?

Dual-core chips: Twice as nice?

Apple has introduced dual-core processors to its Power Mac line. How does this new set-up differ from the dual-processor systems Mac users are accustomed to. And more important for Mac users who've heard for years that two chips are better than one, how will dual-core improve the overall performance of their machines?

Analysis: Why Apple picked Intel over AMD

Apple's decision to move away from PowerPC chips was driven by Intel's ability to deliver better performance with reduced power consumption. But if Apple was looking for a new chip supplier, why didn't it choose Intel-rival Advanced Micro Devices. Laurianne McLaughlin dives into the Intel-vs.-AMD debate.