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Lex uses a MacBook Pro, an iPhone 5, an iPad mini, a Kindle 3, a TiVo HD, and a treadmill desk, and loves them all. His latest book, a children's book parody for adults, is called "The Kid in the Crib." Lex lives in New Jersey with his wife and three young kids.

Reservations open for upcoming Mailbox for iPhone app

The developers behind the soon-to-be-released app Mailbox for iPhone is expecting a lot of interest, so it's accepting reservations for early access now.

Predictions: What Apple will release in 2013

Macworld's Dan Moren and Lex Friedman prognosticate about the products they think Apple will likely release this year.

Hands on with Facebook Graph Search: Interesting, but disappointing

Lex Friedman got access to Facebook's new Graph Search feature. The data there is interesting -- but perhaps only for a few minutes.

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How to temporarily mute notifications on iOS

Lex Friedman complained about iOS 6's lack of a systemwide mute switch for notifications. Since then, he's discovered a couple sort-of workarounds.

Review: The Movband is a $30 fitness tracker that feels like a $30 fitness tracker

The $30 Movband counts steps and "moves." And the price is extremely impressive. Unfortunately, not much else about the band is.

First Look: Napkin makes fun work of image annotations

The just-released Napkin app for Mac makes it easy to assemble images and then add all sorts of annotations: callouts, text, shapes, and more. Lex Friedman goes hands on.

Black Pixel releases Kaleidoscope 2

Black Pixel on Thursday released Kaleidoscope 2, with new features including Perforce support, folder diffs, and an overhauled design.

Review: SwitchEasy CoverBuddy for iPad mini makes a great Smart Cover companion

The Smart Cover for the iPad mini protects its screen, but not much else. The CoverBuddy takes care of the rest.

Facebook Graph Search: What it means for you (video)

Facebook on Tuesday unveiled Graph Search, which will let you search across your friends and the rest of the network for all sorts of data. Lex Friedman explains some of the implications for social networking fans.

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How to provide Mac help from far away

When friends and family call you with Mac tech support needs, and you don't live close enough to pop on over to help, you need to know a few tricks for providing help without making you or them crazy. Lex Friedman can help.

Needed: a mute switch for iOS notifications

Notifications are a way of life on iOS. But sometimes, you want to silence all those alerts while you keep using your iPhone or iPad, and Do Not Disturb doesn't help in that situation. Lex Friedman says that the missing mute switch presents more than just an annoyance.

Reminders: How to quickly schedule tasks on your Mac

The Reminders app built into Mountain Lion includes a hidden method for more quickly scheduling new to-do list entries. Lex Friedman explains.

Can Apple ever be doomed again?

There's a class of tech pundit that loves to paint Apple as doomed. Familiar as that old saw is, does it ever have a chance of being right again? Lex Friedman argues that it's exceedingly unlikely.

Review: Westinghouse Unplug is a solid, affordable portable Bluetooth speaker

Westinghouse's $100 Unplug Bluetooth speaker is portable and rechargeable, and it offers sound quality that rivals that of the popular Jawbone Jambox.

Hype 1.6 makes HTML5 animation creation even easier

Tumult on Monday unveiled Hype 1.6, with new actions, new timeline features, Retina display support, and more.